A Socially-Distanced Return to Hughenden

You may recall reading that Hughenden is a favourite local-ish National Trust property for us, and we were delighted when its reopening was announced. So delighted that we were on their website at 06.30 on the morning that visitor slots were released in order to secure a time that suited us.

We chose the perfect time and day for our visit – mid-morning, mid-week. There was a one way system in operation around the gardens, but it wasn’t really needed because we hardly saw another person.

We always enjoy the walk through the woods up to the monument commemorating Benjamin Disreali’s father, as the views on a clear day are spectacular.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that their 1940s Weekend will be able to go ahead in September …

11 thoughts on “A Socially-Distanced Return to Hughenden

  1. What a spectacular view & oh my those gorgeous English roses! Oh yes this would be a favourite of mine too.

    Just maybe with all the lockdown restrictions everyone in the family, meaning you, keeping it all together & running smoothly, has been through, you can convince them, dress up in a 40’s way would be a celebration of some well deserved return to normal in September … fingers crossed.

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