2010: Blog Review

Seven hundred and twenty one blog posts in 2010 ~ a successful year of blogging, wouldn't you say?  2011 has dawned and brings new challenges, new scrapping opportunities and new blog friends to add to the friendships made in 2010, hopefully. {Self-portrait from 31 December 2009} Successfully accomplished was the 365:2010 photographic project.  Scrapping projects I loved included Week In … Continue reading 2010: Blog Review

Love Your Pictures, Love Your Pages Class

Class began today for Shimelle's "Love Your Pictures, Love Your Pages". To get us up and running, she suggested, as Challenge #1, posting a photo that makes you smile ...... this shot of DS was taken just over a year ago, a real I-just-got-lucky-shot. Every time I see it, I think of Edvard Munch's The … Continue reading Love Your Pictures, Love Your Pages Class