LSNED | Days 26-30

26 September:There's always somewhere new to explore when you live in London.27 September:Doing something random and completely out of the norm is fun!28 September:A walk in the park mid-morning with The Brainy One is always a good idea. 29 September:Unsupervised homework gives a better indication of his ability.30 September:  Sometimes, you realise at the end of the day … Continue reading LSNED | Days 26-30

Month in Numbers | September

October's dropped by in a haze of blue sky, sunshine and crisp winds.But first, let's see whether September was sensational ...Yr. 6: the final year of Primary School ... gulp!One RAK: took a photo of the two Mormon missionaries andemailed it to their mums.  Job done.24,297: my highest daily step count.Exploring London is one way … Continue reading Month in Numbers | September

LSNED | Days 16-20

16 September:A gift to myself is permissible.17 September:Beginning a new notebook presents endless possibilities.18 September:The answer to life's dilemmas, quandaries and worries is a cup of tea.19 September:Don't forget the obvious.20 September:"Don't count the days; make the days count."{Totally inspired by reading this quote from the late Mohammed Ali}Days 11-15 here.Days 6-10 here.Days 1-5 here.

LSNED | Days 11-15

11 September: The arrival of Season 3 of Outlander on Amazon Prime makes me happy.12 September: Sometimes, all you need to be is a good listener.13 September: Sometimes, showing up is what's important.The Boy Child turned out for the Year 6 football (soccer) team trial,knowing in his heart of hearts that it was highly unlikelythat he would be … Continue reading LSNED | Days 11-15

Learn Something New Everyday | Days 1-5

Hello, September!The Season of mist and mellow fruitfulness is approaching. It also means that Shimelle is running her annual class, Learn Something New Everyday.  Looking through my blog archives, it appears that I last participated in 2009, and even then, I'd held it over to complete in December. (Do take a peek, The Boy Child was adorable as a … Continue reading Learn Something New Everyday | Days 1-5