Initial Thoughts on Wearing Braces

I have a lot more sympathy for braced-up teenagers.  A lot more.I've eaten gallons of soup.I did manage a pub lunch of sausage and mash at the weekend,   but only after cutting the sausages into the tiniest of pieces.And then virtually swallowing them without a single chew.Bonjela is my friend. Despite feeling as though I have … Continue reading Initial Thoughts on Wearing Braces

Is It Really Just Me?

Living in London can mean that a person becomes immured to everyday rudeness and unpleasantness.Most of us at some point will encounter Mr. or Ms. Rude when travelling on the Tube.It's pretty much a given.Last week, however, I encountered Ms. Rude on the school run.I won't bore you with the details of what exactly transpired between … Continue reading Is It Really Just Me?

Snap #24 | The Colosseum, Rome

Helena has a new photographic theme for 2016:Snap, a visually linked group of 2 to 4 images. The Colosseum is Rome's most popular tourist destination,and it's not hard to see why. You can feel the scale of history coming through the stone.{Was that a wee bit fanciful?} The Boy Child said that wearing his Italia football shirt made him Italian.Listening … Continue reading Snap #24 | The Colosseum, Rome