Project Life | Revisiting Those Early Years | Four Into Two

In January of this year, I planned a revamp of The Boy Child's scrapbooks. In particular, the baby and toddler years. As 2020 nears its end, I have finished revamping years 2007-2011. Five years of The Boy Child's life now sitting comfortably in two albums, as opposed to four overly-full albums. Some of the layouts … Continue reading Project Life | Revisiting Those Early Years | Four Into Two

Four Fun Things

Anticipating a lot more time spent outside over the next few months, I'm eyeing this coat from Canada Goose and hoping Santa might leave it under our tree. A Promised Land will also be under the tree and later, on my bookshelf next to Michelle. Check out Julie on Instagram - she hasn't lost her … Continue reading Four Fun Things

Has Christmas Come Early This Year?

As much as I love Christmas, I tend to keep most Christmassy things for December. Except that I've noticed that things like writing Christmas cards has begun to slide into the tail-end of November these last few years. Christmas cards were ordered online in October, as was my favourite festive pot pourri. I braved the … Continue reading Has Christmas Come Early This Year?

Project Life Revisited | Weeks 45 and 46

Week 45: West London had a few days of weather that was worth photographing. The US election had me gripped, even though the sitting president soon had me shouting at the TV and incandescent with rage (again). The US election result I was hoping for came four days after the USA went to the polls … Continue reading Project Life Revisited | Weeks 45 and 46

December Daily 2020 | Foundation Pages

This will be my 13th year documenting December and for a very brief moment, I thought about not doing it. The on-going global pandemic will mean a December without us hosting our annual Christmas Drinks Party (a firm favourite), without The Brainy One and I spending a day Christmas shopping (which in reality means a … Continue reading December Daily 2020 | Foundation Pages