Weekday Walks | Belgravia

The district of Belgravia lies mostly to the south-west of Buckingham Palace, and is bounded by Knightsbridge (the road) to the north, Grosvenor Place and Buckingham Palace Road to the east, Pimlico Road to the south, and Sloane Street to the west.  Most of the land belongs to the Grosvenor Estate, the property company of the … Continue reading Weekday Walks | Belgravia

Weekday Walks | Richmond-upon-Thames

A twenty minute bus ride away from my part of West London is Richmond-upon-Thames.  Even though it has an Underground station and people claim it is in Southwest London, technically it is in the county of Surrey.   Local residents claim Richmond is a London village, but I'm not sure I agree.  It has the Thames, it has a main … Continue reading Weekday Walks | Richmond-upon-Thames

Weekday Walks | Marylebone

Even though I am now in my thirteenth year of London living,there is still a large part of the city waiting to be explored.Recently I spent a happy hour strolling the streets of Marylebone in Central London.   With the natural boundaries of Marylebone Road to the North, Oxford Street to the South, Great Portland Street to the East and … Continue reading Weekday Walks | Marylebone

Acts of Kindness, Random or Otherwise

Although I shouldn't be, I'm frequently amused to read a blog post on a on topic I'd been mulling over earlier in the day.Take Sian's post yesterday on respect and kindness;not an hour before reading it, I'd been in the park with the pooch, braving the cold and heavy fog.There I was, well wrapped up, plugged … Continue reading Acts of Kindness, Random or Otherwise

London Through My Lens | Barbican

The Barbican is a little like Marmite; you either love it or hate it.I fall somewhere between the two.   The architecture is often described as brutal,which, when compared to other areas of London, is a fair assessment.The Brainy One has a friend from university days who lives here.In the penthouse of one of the tower blocks, … Continue reading London Through My Lens | Barbican

London Through My Lens | Kensington

Kensington: home to the Gardens, junior royals and an infamous High Street.But as with other areas of London, step away from the main roads    and you find solitude, calm and emptiness. I wouldn't mind a local that looks as pretty as this one. The house with pink door got me my second highest number of likes on Instagram. … Continue reading London Through My Lens | Kensington

London Through My Lens | Mayfair

The weather on Good Friday was magnificent, so I bundled The Boy Child into his coat and stilled his moans with the promise of a hot chocolate and a biscuit or three.Destination: Mayfair. Specifically the roads off Berkeley Square.I love the architecture and general planning in this part of town; beautiful red brick mansion blocks and hidden away public gardens. It's … Continue reading London Through My Lens | Mayfair