Weekday Walk | Chelsea in Bloom | Photo Heavy

The Chelsea Flower Show took place in late September, having been cancelled last year and delayed from May this year. And as in previous years, large swathes of Chelsea were decorated with incredible floral designs. Want to see? The Cadogan Hotel, Sloane Street - this was my overall favourite: Tiffany, Sloane Street - I loved … Continue reading Weekday Walk | Chelsea in Bloom | Photo Heavy

Me on Monday

It was a busy week, with lovely Autumnal weather We took delivery of a brand new mattress for our bedTilly and I met our friend for a long afternoon walkI went to see Chelsea in Bloom :)There was a day of Zoom meetings :(There was a lot of moving furniture aroundSeveral hundred books were taken … Continue reading Me on Monday

The Tusk Lion Trail

Opposite the Canadian High Commission, Trafalgar Square The charity Tusk currently has a pride of lions spread across Central London - an art trail with a difference. Forty seven life-sized lion sculptures, designed and made by some of the planet’s foremost artists, musicians and sportspeople, are roaming streets around the city to highlight the threats … Continue reading The Tusk Lion Trail

Slow Summer | Giro the Alsatian

In Central London, at 9 Carlton House Terrace, is the grave of Giro the Alsatian, whose owner Dr. Leopold von Hoesch was a well-respected diplomat under both the Weimar Republic and Nazi governments (and famously received a full Nazi funeral in London in 1936). Giro had died two years earlier, after chewing through an electrical … Continue reading Slow Summer | Giro the Alsatian

Slow Summer | The Ultimate Blue Plaque

One of the most celebrated blue plaques in London is for someone perhaps not everyone has heard of. At 16, Eaton Place, Belgravia is a plaque commemorating William Ewart, MP, the father of the blue plaque system. 🙂 Ewart lived on Eaton Place from 1830 until 1838, and was a notable reformer who, as well … Continue reading Slow Summer | The Ultimate Blue Plaque

Wander Art Trail in London’s Mayfair

The Boy and I spent a few hours meandering around the quiet streets of Mayfair and Belgravia following the Wander Art Trail. We didn't follow the whole trail, but found a few fun pieces before The Boy had had enough. I think there are 12 installations in total and you can find out more about … Continue reading Wander Art Trail in London’s Mayfair

Weekday Walk | Elephant Spotting in Chelsea

It's not every day that you happen across a herd of elephants in West London's Chelsea. 🙂 The elephants are part of the CoExistance herd and are made from a natural plant material called Lantana Camara, an invasive species that can damage ecosystems and is toxic to grazing animals. Close up, they are absolutely stunning. … Continue reading Weekday Walk | Elephant Spotting in Chelsea