Month in Numbers | July 2022

I’ve noted all my numbers this month, more out of habit than anything else. I seem to have run out of enthusiasm for making a Project Life style scrapbook page, so I’m simply going to record them here. Was July joyous? Let’s see what the numbers made of it: 42 walks with Tilly27,203 steps walked by me … Continue reading Month in Numbers | July 2022

Slow Summer | London’s Most Haunted House

In Victorian times, 50 Berkeley Square in Mayfair was known as the most haunted house in London. It developed its fearsome reputation when a Mr. Myers was jilted at the altar and became a recluse, living alone and only leaving his tiny room at night to walk by candlelight. Later, following the death of a … Continue reading Slow Summer | London’s Most Haunted House

Me on Monday | 8 August

It was a week of sticky weather, a Slow Summer outing, hours on a motorway and being with people we love. The Boy and I went in search of London's most haunted house ... more on that soonThe Boy began work on his summer project - General Omar BradleyWe left London for our Northern Road … Continue reading Me on Monday | 8 August

The Travelers Notebook | Northern Road Trip 2022

Our Northern Road Trip to South Lakeland is fast approaching and I will be recording the days away in a travelers notebook. The finished TN will be very similar in style to last year's journal. All the journaling cards will be from In a Creative Bubble. I have added reminders here and there and trimmed … Continue reading The Travelers Notebook | Northern Road Trip 2022

Slow Summer | The Elizabeth Line

The Elizabeth Line, London's newest rail line and named in honour of Her Majesty the Queen, opened its doors to passengers 24 May 2022, almost four years later than planned and apparently massively over-budget. We live not far from one of the stations on the western side of the route and were keen to see … Continue reading Slow Summer | The Elizabeth Line

Slow Summer | The Tower of London in Bloom

The moat at the Tower of London has been turned into a Summer garden in honour of Her Majesty's Platinum Jubilee. To mark that occasion, over 20 million seeds have been sown in the moat, which will grow over the course of the summer, creating a beautiful, new naturalistic landscape. Designed to attract pollinators, the … Continue reading Slow Summer | The Tower of London in Bloom

Me on Monday | 1 August

Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy It was another week of hot and sticky weather. The Boy and I embarked on our Summer adventures ... more on those coming soonThe Boy went flying ... more on that soonI went to see the dental hygienistI had a pedicureI started working on the Traveler's Notebook for our upcoming Road … Continue reading Me on Monday | 1 August