Summer Photography Scavenger Hunt | Link-up #2

Today is the second link-up of this year’s Summer Photography Scavenger Hunt and is hosted by Mary-Lou of Patio Postcards blog. I have another 5 items ticked off. 6) Something in the shape of a triangle - take-away pizza: 8) A leaf longer than your hand: 14) Something with wheels - an abandoned rental bike in our local park. … Continue reading Summer Photography Scavenger Hunt | Link-up #2

Project Life Revisited | Weeks 29 and 30

Week 29: We spent a few more hours walking through the woods at Hughenden. We had an unexpected photo opportunity with Cachirulo and Los Pequeños. We were invited for socially-distanced drinks in a friend's garden and The Boy Child was invited to take a dip ... I made a flip card to record the story. … Continue reading Project Life Revisited | Weeks 29 and 30

Month in Numbers | July 2020

Did July turn out to be joyous? Let's see what the numbers have to say: Another 31 days with lockdown measures in place. 132 days since the UK lockdown began. 12 pieces of Happy Mail sent. 6 visits with family members. 7 day of homeschooling. 3 haircuts. 100 days of the 100 Day Project complete. … Continue reading Month in Numbers | July 2020

One Little Word | Pause – May and June 2020

It's only now, at the back end of July, that I've completed May and June's Pause pages. For May, I chose to record my birthday selfie - complete with a make up-free face and a nasty stye. I couldn't decide on patterned paper, so opted to go without. I blew the dust of a few … Continue reading One Little Word | Pause – May and June 2020

Life in Lockdown | Summer Plans

At this point of the year I usually have a day-to-day plan written out of how the Summer holidays might play out ... not this year. Obviously. The Boy Child's basic plan for Summer 2017 But The Boy Child still prefers to know how a day or days might be filled and winging it every … Continue reading Life in Lockdown | Summer Plans

A Socially-Distanced Visit to Chartwell

Chartwell, the former home of Sir Winston Churchill, has been on our list of National Trust properties to visit for quite a while. The current system of pre-booking and limited numbers meant that now was as good as any other time to visit. The Churchill family found the upkeep of such a large estate very … Continue reading A Socially-Distanced Visit to Chartwell