This Weekend I …

At this time of year, I'm envious of Instagram images showing families having a blast in a pumpkin patch.  All those blue skies, cute kids and an overload of, you know, orangeness. This year, however, I had a plan.   Turned out not to be a very good plan, but a plan nonetheless.  We took a short road trip … Continue reading This Weekend I …

Time Flies

When The Boy Child returned to school,  it came with the knowledge that he was beginning his final year of primary education. Who remembers this day?  Ahead of us lies countless meetings with countless professionals, each with their own opinion and agenda, over the decision  of where The Boy Child goes in September 2018. But … Continue reading Time Flies

Scrapbooking Her Story

It's only now that I feel able to begin to make an album of Mum's photos.I sorted through that black bin bag of photos, a little at a time,and sent off a fair amount to my siblings.What was left fell into distinctive categories: childhood, RAF, marriage, children, family holidays, special occasions, weddings and the next generation. If … Continue reading Scrapbooking Her Story

The Crafting Agony of Mini-books*

I've had cause this last week or so to make a personalised gift for The Boy Child to give someone.I start with good intentions and end wondering why I put myself through it. It's not the cutting of the cardstock. It's not even the design. It's the binding.I never, ever get the binding right on the first attempt.But I console … Continue reading The Crafting Agony of Mini-books*

A Most Excellent Day

We went west of London today to see old friends.Unfortunately one of them had been called in to work.But he had a surprise for us.Pretty cool job, wouldn't you say?It was awesome!But not everyone thought so.The noise of four aircraft engines (Allison T56 TurboProps, if you want the technicalities) at only a few hundred feet … Continue reading A Most Excellent Day

Travel Journals

I blame Deb.If she hadn't posted recently about her travel journal for her up and coming trip to the UK, I wouldn't have been thinking about them.Travel journals, I mean.Many years ago, before I knew that scrapbooking had been invented, I made travel journals.My, doesn't that sound grand?In reality, I can remember making two.  Only … Continue reading Travel Journals