Memos: Mail: Me

On the Happy Mail front this week, the Postie bought me a beautiful note from Julie (in response to Happy Mail I'd sent her).  But as we all know, unsolicited Happy Mail is welcome, whatever the reason behind it.     Despite the mizzle and wintry nip in the air this weekend, we wrapped up warmly and made the most of being outside.  … Continue reading Memos: Mail: Me

Wounded: The Legacy of War

I met my he's-more-like-my-brother friend in town earlier today.We went to Somerset House to see the photography exhibition Wounded: The Legacy of War.The exhibition's photographer is Bryan Adams.And in a six-degrees-of-separation kind of way, one of the wounded he photographedis the husband of my cousin's best friend. There's no denying the images are hard-hitting and upsetting to … Continue reading Wounded: The Legacy of War

Trivia Does Not Belittle Remembrance

 I hesitated over the content of this post today.  It's very much a light-hearted post.And today is not a light hearted kind of day.Our Nation paused this morning to give thanks and to remember those who have given and continue to give their all in the defence of our country.For freedom.   As I listened to … Continue reading Trivia Does Not Belittle Remembrance

Scrap Weekly 2010: Challenge #46

Over on the Scrap Weekly 2010 blog, the weekly challenge appears to be ignored by the person required to set it, including the host.  However, today is my turn to set my final Scrap Weekly 2010 challenge.  Given that today is Remembrance Sunday, the challenge is to scrap something you want to particularly remember.Edwin 'Ted' Tomlinson was … Continue reading Scrap Weekly 2010: Challenge #46