Jersey | The Jersey War Tunnels

The Jersey War Tunnels were built by slave labour during the German occupation of the Channel Islands in the Second World War.  Originally built as fortifications for Hitler's plan to turn the Islands into an 'impregnable fortress', orders came in 1943 to turn the tunnels into an underground hospital (at this point in the war, … Continue reading Jersey | The Jersey War Tunnels

Month in Numbers | June

There was plenty of joy to be found in June;let's take a look at some of it:20,132: the highest number of steps I achieved on a daily count during the month.  I continue to be astonished at how much ground I can coveron any given day.74.6%: the turnout to vote on Election Day in our constituency was high.The … Continue reading Month in Numbers | June

Memos: Mail: Me

Even though the lovely Sian has begun her Summer blog break,I'm still planning on boring letting you know what sort of things have made it into my Monday roundup of recent happenings.The most exciting thing in months to land on the doormat has been our tickets for Wimbledon.We came up in the Ballot and secured 2 seats … Continue reading Memos: Mail: Me

Photography Commission

One of the other mums at school is a published author.Not a self-published author.Like some I could mention. Ahem.But a proper one, with an agent and everything.Writing children's sci-fi that people pay to read.She has a new book coming out. And asked me to take the author photo for the back cover.Gulp.Is it really a commission though, … Continue reading Photography Commission

Be More | March

Goodbye, marvellous March!To be more was liberating and I took full advantage.There was more stargazing.We attended church in Chelsea.We made pancakes. My book arrived in print.The Boy Child dressed up for World Book Day.The Boy Child enjoyed weekend outings with friends.There was cake.  Plenty of cake.The weather got warmer.We had three sets of overnight visitors.There was an Afternoon Tea party.And oh, so much more.March has … Continue reading Be More | March