Scrapbooking | My Hobby and Its Impact

I have been contemplating all that I have gained as the documenter and memory keeper of my family's social history. I have learned so much. I have felt so much. I have also done so much. Scrapbooking Forums | The owner of a paper crafting store in Elgin, Scotland told me about an online forum … Continue reading Scrapbooking | My Hobby and Its Impact

The Original Happy Mail and Where Next

I've felt a nudge of late to do something with Mum and Kay's letters. The thought of all that transcription, hours and hours of it, is daunting, to say the least. But every good idea needs to begin with a single step. Inspired by Flea Market Love Letters, I've opened an Instagram account - @maggieandkaypenpals … Continue reading The Original Happy Mail and Where Next

Road Trip to Normandy | Bayeux and Ranville War Cemeteries

It's all very well visiting the towns and beaches from the Normandy campaign, but I also felt that our visit wouldn't have been complete if we hadn't paid our respects to Britain's war dead. The cemeteries offer an opportunity to pause, reflect and remember. Bayeux War Cemetery Cpl Sidney Bates, VC, lies in Bayeux War … Continue reading Road Trip to Normandy | Bayeux and Ranville War Cemeteries

Jersey | The Jersey War Tunnels

The Jersey War Tunnels were built by slave labour during the German occupation of the Channel Islands in the Second World War.  Originally built as fortifications for Hitler's plan to turn the Islands into an 'impregnable fortress', orders came in 1943 to turn the tunnels into an underground hospital (at this point in the war, … Continue reading Jersey | The Jersey War Tunnels

Month in Numbers | June

There was plenty of joy to be found in June;let's take a look at some of it:20,132: the highest number of steps I achieved on a daily count during the month.  I continue to be astonished at how much ground I can coveron any given day.74.6%: the turnout to vote on Election Day in our constituency was high.The … Continue reading Month in Numbers | June