Currently Reading | September 2018

Everything I read in September was in 'real book' form. There was a biography, a novel and a compilation of letters. Ma'am Darling by Craig Brown: In this rather irreverent look at the life and times of Princess Margaret, Brown serves up 99 tales, some funny, some cringeworthy and some simply awful.  I never met … Continue reading Currently Reading | September 2018

National Army Museum

After visiting Carlyle's House, we had lunch at the Royal Hospital and then popped into the National Army Museum. We focused our attention on the temporary exhibition Special Forces: In the Shadows, which presents ideas of security and secrecy through the lens of the UK's Special Forces. It's a fascinating exhibition and one that makes me … Continue reading National Army Museum

Weekday Walks | Belgravia

The district of Belgravia lies mostly to the south-west of Buckingham Palace, and is bounded by Knightsbridge (the road) to the north, Grosvenor Place and Buckingham Palace Road to the east, Pimlico Road to the south, and Sloane Street to the west.  Most of the land belongs to the Grosvenor Estate, the property company of the … Continue reading Weekday Walks | Belgravia

Emigration and Dual Nationality | Would You?

With the constant noise surrounding the UK's decision to leave the European Union a never-ending irritant, we've been thinking, in a rather generalised kind of way, about the idea of emigration and/or dual nationality.As it currently stands, I appear to qualify for a passport to another EU country simply because my maternal grandfather happened to … Continue reading Emigration and Dual Nationality | Would You?

For the Love of Books | Currently Reading September 2017

September's seen in a drop in how much reading I've managed. Just one finished, with one on the go and two waiting. The novel I finished (on Kindle) was The Blinds by Adam Sternbergh. Imagine a place populated by criminals - people plucked from their lives, with their memories altered, who've been granted new identities … Continue reading For the Love of Books | Currently Reading September 2017

Month in Numbers | June

There was plenty of joy to be found in June;let's take a look at some of it:20,132: the highest number of steps I achieved on a daily count during the month.  I continue to be astonished at how much ground I can coveron any given day.74.6%: the turnout to vote on Election Day in our constituency was high.The … Continue reading Month in Numbers | June

Photography Scavenger Hunt 2016 | The Definitive List, Numbers 15-21 {and that elusive #13}

This is the fourth year I've participated in Rinda's Summer Photography Scavenger Hunt.You can see this year's list here.#15: A team logo.The logo of Liverpool Football Club on the arms of The Boy Child's glasses.#16: A map showing a trip taken during the time period.The bus route map of Bermuda; it was consulted a lot.#17: Twins. Conjoined strawberries … Continue reading Photography Scavenger Hunt 2016 | The Definitive List, Numbers 15-21 {and that elusive #13}