Covid-19 | The Journal, Part 13

I did not think that when I began keeping a scrapbook about the Covid-19 pandemic I would be on the 3rd album ... Great news about the vaccine rollout - both for the country and me personally. 🙂 The Boy has to be tested twice a week as a condition of being able to return … Continue reading Covid-19 | The Journal, Part 13

For the Love of Books | Currently Reading February 2021

I read three books on American politics by the BBC's North America Editor, Jon Sopel - If Only They Didn't Speak English; A Year At The Circus and Unpresidented: All 3 books are informative, amusing and offer an unbiased account (because he's BBC and the books are published by BBC Books) of behind the scenes … Continue reading For the Love of Books | Currently Reading February 2021

Covid-19 | The Journal, Part 12

After the announcement from Boris earlier this week, there is definitely hope that we are on the way out of this ... I've included what I've/we've been binge-watching and six numerical facts, alongside some positive signs of Spring and a reflective moment: Lots of good news re the vaccine rollout program and continued speculation that … Continue reading Covid-19 | The Journal, Part 12

Covid-19 | The Journal, Part 11

The grimness continued with a astonishing threat from the EU. I don't usually swear when scrapbooking but, really ...? It's paired with grief at the loss of a wonderful man. I included Captain Sir Tom's obituary and a photo of Number 10 with the Union flags at half-mast. 😦 I also included a cartoon and … Continue reading Covid-19 | The Journal, Part 11

Covid-19 | The Journal, Part 10

We're into February and life is still fairly grim. 😦 Schools across England didn't reopen after the Christmas holidays (although some did actually reopen for just one day) ... which meant that home-schooling was back on the agenda. The Boy Child's birthday present from us this year was a laptop and we gave it to … Continue reading Covid-19 | The Journal, Part 10

Right Now …

I'm wondering how much more grim the news will be before we can truly say that we are through the worst. I'm hopeful because there is a new occupant in the White House and I was unexpectedly emotional when I watched Kamala Harris be sworn in as Vice-President of the United States. Madam Vice-President. I'm … Continue reading Right Now …

Covid-19 | The Journal, Part 9

The news here in the UK and around the world continues to be grim. 😦 In the spate of a few days, London moved from Tier 2 to Tier 4 and Christmas was effectively cancelled. Then we learned about the new variant of Covid-19 and most of Europe, following France's lead, closed their borders to … Continue reading Covid-19 | The Journal, Part 9

December Daily | Days 16-20

Welcome to December Daily, my favourite project of the year. Day 16: was the day London moved up into Tier 3 - Very High Risk. Day 17: was the last day of term and Christmas Jumper Day. Day 18: was the day I planned which festive films I'd like to watch. (So far, The Boy … Continue reading December Daily | Days 16-20

Covid-19 | The Journal, Part 8

The UK reached a new low in the fight against Covid-19 when the government announced an official death rate of over 50,000. The UK prime minister announced that he would be self-isolating for two weeks after hosting a face-to-face breakfast meeting where a Conservative MP later tested positive. In good news, Moderna announced a 95% … Continue reading Covid-19 | The Journal, Part 8

Four Fun Things

Anticipating a lot more time spent outside over the next few months, I'm eyeing this coat from Canada Goose and hoping Santa might leave it under our tree. A Promised Land will also be under the tree and later, on my bookshelf next to Michelle. Check out Julie on Instagram - she hasn't lost her … Continue reading Four Fun Things