Scrapbooking National Events

Back in early May, when The Brainy One and I went to vote, we took The Boy Child with us.The Boy Child was very interested in the proceedings.The Returning Officer was very interested in knowing thatI hadn't allowed a minor to mark my ballot paper. I hadn't.I don't often include national or international news stories in our … Continue reading Scrapbooking National Events

Making a Start | Photos, Paper and Glue

I'm always happy to begin a new holiday album!I suspect that this new album will have plenty of additional pages added, as the years roll by.More of a compendium rather than one specific holiday.The common denominator?  The destination.  Opening page. Echo Park's A Perfect Summer range ... ... left over from 2013's Florida abum. A few random Project Life … Continue reading Making a Start | Photos, Paper and Glue

Scrapbook Saturday

Along side December Daily and Project Life, I've completed two pages this week.The closing page for our Florida album.  Yes, it's finished.I also made a page in the style of here-and-now scrapping because I wanted to record a recent funny exchange between me and The Boy Child.I've also made up a mini scrapbook for our … Continue reading Scrapbook Saturday

Holidays and Holiday Scrapbooks

The lovely Alexa asked me what my process was for creating a holiday scrapbook. Do I actually have a process that I could share?The answer is yes.For me, it's all about preparation.I began by purchasing a notebook from Paperchase.  The sort with pockets and plastic photo inserts.  Then I chose the paper I would use. … Continue reading Holidays and Holiday Scrapbooks

Right Now …

Trying to find some sort of routine.  Both for me and The Boy Child.Sorting through our holiday photos.  I took over 800.  Ridiculous.Looking through my Florida mini scrapbook and feeling glad that I made the time to write in it everyday while we were away.Making a start on making pages.Keeping the designs clean and simple.Ordering … Continue reading Right Now …

Hello Monday

Hello to a week with some sort of routine.Hello to making a start on The Boy Child's holiday homework.Hello to our American friend coming for supper.  The clock is ticking.Hello to trying to work out a plan for the last month of the school holidays.  First up, a revisit to the Science Museum and the … Continue reading Hello Monday

Photography Scavenger Hunt 2013: Round-up #4

I was able to box off almost all of the remainder of my list while in Florida.#1: open air market found in the lovely town of Celebration. #5: sunset found outside the front door of our villa.#11: animal found in zoo/aquarium/nature reserve.  I was spoilt for choice after visiting Disney's Animal Kingdom, Sea World and Busch … Continue reading Photography Scavenger Hunt 2013: Round-up #4