Started Life With One Idea, Finished With Another

Sometimes, when I take a photo of The Boy Child,I know in that moment it's one that's going onto a scrapbook page. Sometimes, when I scrapbook that particular photo, the finished pagehas turned into something completely unexpected.Take the photo above.I took it in the park one Sunday morning.The Boy Child was insisting that he should wear … Continue reading Started Life With One Idea, Finished With Another

Him | The Abridged Version

Back in 2010 I completed Cathy Zielske's online class, Me: The Abridged Version and loved it.It's still one of my favourite albums.I looked at it again this week and realised that I had made a huge error.Lots of entries were cross-referenced to the Royal Air Force, but when I looked at the entries for 'R' … Continue reading Him | The Abridged Version

Sketch Solutions

There's no need for me to reinvent the wheel.I admit that I often use sketches as a jumping-off point when scrapbooking.Which is why Sketch Solutions is an ideal class for me.Sketch 1: two 6x4 photos, one portrait and one landscape.The patterned paper is all from October Afternoon's fabulous Travel Girl range.  The cute cameras were … Continue reading Sketch Solutions

Hello Monday

Hello to the end of the Summer holidays. Hello to all holiday homework having been completed.  Hooray! ~ back to school haircut ~ Hello to the new school year beginning on Wednesday. Hello to a new mattress for our bed and hoping The Brainy One will sleep better. Hello to going back to the gym. … Continue reading Hello Monday

Hello Monday

Hello to a week with some sort of routine.Hello to making a start on The Boy Child's holiday homework.Hello to our American friend coming for supper.  The clock is ticking.Hello to trying to work out a plan for the last month of the school holidays.  First up, a revisit to the Science Museum and the … Continue reading Hello Monday

Scrapbook Saturday

This week saw the start of Ali's new class, Hello Story, at BPC and I was super impressed with week one's handout, which focused on story structure and the use of timelines.One idea was to showcase a selection of related photos, such as holiday photos, in a circular timeline format. If I'm honest, I've probably made … Continue reading Scrapbook Saturday

Hello Monday

Hello to a much calmer week.Hello to school-related matters throughout the week.Hello to meeting with The Boy Child's teacher and the school's SENCO early on Tuesday morning.Hello to the arrival of the month of May.  What?  How?Hello to my birthday month.  I'll be half-way to ninety.Hello to Parents' Meeting after school on Thursday.Hello to attending … Continue reading Hello Monday