Me on Monday | 26 September

It was a week where things began to adapt to the new normal. I went to the salon to have my eyebrows done The Brainy One had lunch with a former colleague The Brainy One received an invitation to make an appointment for a Covid booster I met another autism mum for a cuppa and … Continue reading Me on Monday | 26 September

Me on Tuesday | 20 September

It was a week where our everyday life ran alongside historic times. Floral tributes to HM the Queen, Green Park We seemed to spend an inordinate amount of time watching the BBC The Brainy One took a car full of recycling to the recycling centre The Best Friend and I went into town to see … Continue reading Me on Tuesday | 20 September

Me on Monday | 12 September

It was a week where the United Kingdom's Elizabethan Age came to an end. 😦 The Boy went back to school; I went back to work I tackled redecorating my office/craft room over the course of the week Tilly and I were caught several times in heavy downpours There was a lot more Life Admin … Continue reading Me on Monday | 12 September

Me on Monday | 5 September

It was the final week of the summer holidays. The Boy went to the cinema and for burgers with his friend All four of us had haircuts I went to the salon to have my eyebrows done I made Easy Jammie Biscuits We met up with The Oldest Friends I cleared out my office ready … Continue reading Me on Monday | 5 September

Me on Monday | 22 August

It was a week where I realised that we are half way through the Summer holidays. It rained on Monday evening. I don't think we have ever been so excited to see it rain! I sat on our bed with a mug of tea and watched the rain fall for about twenty minutesThe Boy and … Continue reading Me on Monday | 22 August

Me on Monday | 15 August

It was another extremely hot week in London. We arrived home from our Northern Road TripI came down with a nasty throat infection and spent a day lolling aboutTemperatures in London rose again to the mid-thirtiesThe Boy and I went to Apsley House - more on that soonI lost a contact lens in my eye, … Continue reading Me on Monday | 15 August

Me on Monday | 8 August

It was a week of sticky weather, a Slow Summer outing, hours on a motorway and being with people we love. The Boy and I went in search of London's most haunted house ... more on that soonThe Boy began work on his summer project - General Omar BradleyWe left London for our Northern Road … Continue reading Me on Monday | 8 August

Me on Monday | 1 August

Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy It was another week of hot and sticky weather. The Boy and I embarked on our Summer adventures ... more on those coming soonThe Boy went flying ... more on that soonI went to see the dental hygienistI had a pedicureI started working on the Traveler's Notebook for our upcoming Road … Continue reading Me on Monday | 1 August

Me on Monday | 25 July

A week of record temperatures and the start of the Summer holidays. 🙂 I purchased end of year gifts for staff at The Boy's schoolOur bit of West London hit 40C at 15.00 hours on Tuesday, 19 JulyI purchased new school uniform while it had 20% offThe Boy had his feet measured and new school … Continue reading Me on Monday | 25 July