Hughenden Manor

On the Saturday before Christmas, we took a short road trip out to Hughenden Manor, the former home of Queen Victoria’s favourite Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli.  The house has quite a history, not only as Disraeli’s home but also as the base for a secret map-making organisation during the Second World War.IMG_0073 (2)Some of the rooms in the house were dressed for Christmas in the style of the Mad Hatter’s tea party from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.  It’s thought that Lewis Carroll’s illustrator, John Tenniel, based his illustrations of the Mad Hatter and the unicorn (from Through the Looking-glass) on Disraeli.  Tenniel had drawn him frequently for Punch magazine.  I’m guessing that Disraeli wasn’t that flattered to be the inspiration.IMG_0065.JPGSadly, the Hughenden in the War exhibit was closed during our visit.

Although the weather was overcast, we explored some of the vast parkland and followed the trail through the woodland and up the hill to the Monument.  IMG_0082A special gift from Mary Anne to her husband Benjamin Disraeli, this monument was erected in honour of Disraeli’s father. Mary Anne spoke of Isaac as ‘the most lovable, perfect old gentleman I have ever met with’.  He must have been quite the gentleman!

On a clear day. I suspect that you can see for miles …


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