Blog Review | 2019

Happy New Year! Final sunset of 2019 Let me begin by thanking you for reading, commenting and staying with me throughout 2019. It was quite a year. Let's also take a look at the all-important numbers: I wrote 253 posts, totalling 42,065 words. I have 138 followers. There were 1,604 comments, averaging 6 comments per … Continue reading Blog Review | 2019

Month in Numbers | April 2019

Did I think April was awesome? Let's take a look at the numbers: My largest daily Step Count total: 16,721. 180 lengths swum in the pool. 16 pieces of Happy Mail sent. {We had} 2 nights away from home in beautiful Devon. 29 days of the 100 Day Project done and dusted. 7 scrapbook pages … Continue reading Month in Numbers | April 2019

OLW | Thrive and the Traveler’s Notebook

Two more spreads have been added ... our trip to Devon and a trip we made in the Easter holidays. Devon delight Super Sywell You might that these designs look familiar, and you'd be correct. I'm using just three or four different ones for this traveler's notebook, so that when it's finished, they will join … Continue reading OLW | Thrive and the Traveler’s Notebook