Covid-19 | How Are You Feeling?

The atmosphere in our bit of suburban West London is strange. There's a sense of waiting and I don't just mean the lengthy queues every morning outside the local branches of Superdrug and Boots. Right now, life feels ominous but semi-normal. Certain shelves in the local supermarket are empty. Dried pasta, toilet rolls and any … Continue reading Covid-19 | How Are You Feeling?

OLW | Thrive and the Traveler’s Notebook

Three more spreads have been added to the One Little Word traveler's notebook: The Ceremony of the Keys: The Festival of Remembrance: And, last but not least, Tilly's family reunion: There's just one double page left - perfect for Christmas and wrapping up a year of thriving.

Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to attend the Royal British Legion's Festival of Remembrance at London's Royal Albert Hall. This year I made it happen for The Boy Child and me. On the Saturday before Remembrance Sunday, the Royal British Legion hosts a televised commemoration and celebration of our country's … Continue reading Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall

Ceremony of the Keys | Tower of London

The Brainy One and I recently had the good fortune to be part of a private tour of the Tower of London, which ended with viewing the historic Ceremony of the Keys. Source Footsteps echo in the darkness.  The sentry cries out, "Halt, who comes there?"  The Yeoman Warder replies, "The keys."  "Whose keys?"  "Queen Elizabeth's … Continue reading Ceremony of the Keys | Tower of London

TGIF | With a Difference #3

The lovely Mary-Lou of Patio Postcards blog pointed me recently in the direction of Brené Brown‘s new weekly gratitude practice, TGIF. Most of us would recognise TGIF as an acronym for Thank God It’s Friday, but in Brené’s world it stands for Trusting, Grateful, Inspired and Fun. Seven bundles of cuteness Trusting: that mummy duck can keep her … Continue reading TGIF | With a Difference #3

The Governor’s Review | Royal Hospital Chelsea

Last week The Brainy One and I had the opportunity to attend the Governor's Review at the Royal Hospital Chelsea. The Review is held two days before Founders Day, the highlight of the Royal Hospital's calendar. Me with In Pensioner Michael Paling The event is not open to the public and we were thrilled to … Continue reading The Governor’s Review | Royal Hospital Chelsea

December Daily | Days 21-25

Welcome to December Daily; my favourite project of the year. Day 21 was all about the school's Christmas Concert and lunch out to mark the start of the Christmas holidays.Day 22 was all about the Panto at the Palladium.Day 23 was all about a quick visit (and present swap) with Cachirulo and Los Pequeños.Day 24 … Continue reading December Daily | Days 21-25

December Daily 2018 | Days 16-20

Welcome to December Daily; my favourite project of the year. Day 16 was all about the Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square.Day 17 was all about Elvis the Elf.  Now that The Boy Child is a Secret Keeper, Elvis is a little more subdued.  Every so often, however, he likes to keep us on our toes.Day … Continue reading December Daily 2018 | Days 16-20

Weekday Walks | London’s Christmas Classics

You can see what feels like hundreds of windows decorated for Christmas and almost every road, street or cobbled mews seems to be festooned with a myriad of twinkling lights. However, if you want to see something a little classier and dare I say it, a little more tasteful, look no further that London's leading … Continue reading Weekday Walks | London’s Christmas Classics