Don’t Save It ‘For Best’

I'm of an age where I can remember things being kept 'for best' - the dress that was only worn once or twice a year - Christmas and a 'special' family occasion, that bottle of my favourite Champagne or the eggshell china tea set that spends its days wrapped in newspaper, quietly waiting for an … Continue reading Don’t Save It ‘For Best’

Month in Numbers | May 2015

As we jump into June, here's a look at how May turned out.50,894: the number of votes cast in my constituency on Election Day. We had a turnout of 71.4%.  The victor had a majority of just 274 votes and won with a 4.21% swing. 309: the number of photos I took in May.1: the number of times … Continue reading Month in Numbers | May 2015

Month in Numbers | April 2015

As May rolls in, here's a look at what April brought.62: the amount I received in pounds sterling for sending out 22 photos from the Spring Concert.  8 separate orders gave me my 1st paid commission. 120: the number of lengths swum by me.15: the number of times I walked the pooch (which equates to another 15+ hours … Continue reading Month in Numbers | April 2015

Me on Monday

It's been a: wearing layers, but without socks, selfie attempting,blossom loving,washing on the line,final episode of Indian Summers watching,welcoming the plumber with open arms,tackling the ironing basket,preparing for back to schooland welcoming them back from their final adventure of the Easter holidayskind of Monday.This post is adapted from Sian's Me on Monday theme, which you can find on the fabulous From High … Continue reading Me on Monday

Five on Friday | The Bathroom Edition

A few thoughts now that we are nearing the end of our bathroom remodel.We've endured orders that have never arrived and tradesmen who have disappeared.The end, however, is in sight. 1) Always anticipate that the work will take much longer than first thought.2) Ensure that orders have been received and are on site before work starts.  This … Continue reading Five on Friday | The Bathroom Edition