Slow Summer | The Ultimate Blue Plaque

One of the most celebrated blue plaques in London is for someone perhaps not everyone has heard of. At 16, Eaton Place, Belgravia is a plaque commemorating William Ewart, MP, the father of the blue plaque system. ūüôā Ewart lived on Eaton Place from 1830 until 1838, and was a notable reformer who, as well … Continue reading Slow Summer | The Ultimate Blue Plaque

For the Love of Books | Four Family Sagas

Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese: This engrossing story combines medicine, family, and politics to great effect. Moving between India, Ethiopia, and New York City, we follow the story of identical twin brothers, born of a secret union between an Indian nun and the British surgeon she assisted. Part coming-of-age story, part mystery, part sweeping … Continue reading For the Love of Books | Four Family Sagas

Slow Summer #1 | Bookshops

Keeping our Summer Check List in mind and the idea of a slow summer, several outings these holidays have been to a bookshop. The Boy Child was lucky enough to receive a generous amount of book tokens at Christmas and for his birthday - so many that he still had a fair bit to spend. … Continue reading Slow Summer #1 | Bookshops

New York City | Bookshops

During my recent solo adventure to New York City, I revisited the Strand Bookstore and discovered two new-to-me ones along the way: I wrote after my first visit to the Strand that I found it overwhelming. This time I had more of a clue about which sections I wanted to spend time in and the … Continue reading New York City | Bookshops

For the Love of Books | Where I Find Recommendations

Our local library is currently in the middle of a long-overdue upgrade and site move.¬† Its budget has been slashed to the bone in recent years and it appears that copies of popular works of new fiction are no longer a priority.¬† We have a branch of the UK's sole surviving book chain and we … Continue reading For the Love of Books | Where I Find Recommendations

For the Love of Books | Currently Reading July 2018

Everything I read this month was on the Kindle, which was a little disappointing.¬† I don't ever want to prefer reading via a Kindle over a 'proper' book.¬† My problem is that our bookshelves are jammed pack, full almost to the point of overflowing, so there's a no-book-buying embargo just now.¬† And our library has … Continue reading For the Love of Books | Currently Reading July 2018

My Real Life Experience

Having reached a significant milestone in life recently (the age that falls somewhere between 49 and 51), it occurred to me that no matter how long The Boy Child lives for, I will always have had more of real life experience. And here's why ‚Ķ in years gone by: I had to make sense of … Continue reading My Real Life Experience

Snap #31 | At the Library

Helena¬†has a new photographic theme for 2016:Snap, a visually linked group of 2 to 4 images.***Visits to the local library tailed off over the Summer holidays.As in, we didn't visit the library at all.In trying to rectify that, I have designated¬†Tuesdays after school as library afternoons.It seems to be working so far.You can see more¬†Snap¬†images … Continue reading Snap #31 | At the Library

What We’re Reading

¬†The Boy Child: football related books (although I don't believe he is¬†actually reading the Rio Ferdinand autobiography,¬†merely looking at the photos), his beloved Tintinan old annual about Biggles (in French)and a free pull-out about the upcoming Rugby World Cup.¬†Me: memoirs ~ the actor Alan Cumming (which is rather harrowing in places),¬†Mike Mullane's experiences as a … Continue reading What We’re Reading