Memos: Mail: Me

On the Happy Mail front this week, the Postie bought me a beautiful note from Julie (in response to Happy Mail I'd sent her).  But as we all know, unsolicited Happy Mail is welcome, whatever the reason behind it.     Despite the mizzle and wintry nip in the air this weekend, we wrapped up warmly and made the most of being outside.  … Continue reading Memos: Mail: Me

Month in Numbers | July

July was joyful!Let's see how it turned out:41C: the highest temperature we encountered this month,but then it was in Marrakech.11: the amount of Happy Mail sent this month.8: the number of days we spent in Marrakech, thanks to a kind invitation from friends.{Marrakech will be appearing on the blog throughout August}327: the number of pages I read … Continue reading Month in Numbers | July

Happy Mail and Its Purpose

Someone told me recently that my sole reasonfor sending reams of Happy Mail over the yearswas because I wanted to receive comments about how kind I am.That, apparently, I "only do things that give gratification."Wow, don't hold back, why don't you tell me what you really think?(I'm putting their comments down to a bad day. … Continue reading Happy Mail and Its Purpose

This Weekend I …

Another week has passed by without receiving any Happy Mail,so we'll skip directly to the memo about the weekend.It was my best friend's son's birthday on Saturdayand we marked it with a visit to the Cotswold Water Park.I can't even begin to tell how wonderful it was!There's a lot of truth in the expression, "friends are … Continue reading This Weekend I …