Month in Numbers | October 2018

October has been and gone in a blur of crisp and clear days, sunshine and chilly evenings.  Let's see how the numbers look:15 pieces of Happy Mail sent. One black eye (and a whole host of other bumps and bruises). 330 lengths in the pool at the gym. £8.80 won on the Euros ... not … Continue reading Month in Numbers | October 2018

Learn Something New Every Day | Days 16-20

September meant that the Season of mist and mellow fruitfulness is approaching. It also meant that Shimelle was running her annual class, Learn Something New Every Day. Like last year, I'm recording what I've learned throughout September here. Day 16: Climbing 253 steps in one go is beyond me. Day 17: Attendance at pre-school club … Continue reading Learn Something New Every Day | Days 16-20