Frugal February | A Month of No Buying

During February of last year, I didn't buy anything that wasn't considered necessary - no to new clothes, no to new books, no to slices of cake in our local dog-friendly café. I've just completed another Frugal February and I feel good about it. It's been good practice to pause and actively consider whether a … Continue reading Frugal February | A Month of No Buying

OLW | Pause and How I’m Recording Our Word in 2020

Having settled on pause as our One Little Word for 2020, I considered how I would record it. The previous two years' words were recorded in a mini traveller's notebook. This year, I've gone with simple 8x8 spreads that will slot into our Project Life | Revisited album. I'm planning on approximately one spread per … Continue reading OLW | Pause and How I’m Recording Our Word in 2020

A Month In Which I Don’t Buy Anything I Don’t Truly Need | The Re-run

In February last year, I only bought things that were considered essential. I'm doing the same again this year. No buying anything I don’t truly need. My list includes: tea/coffee in cafés, with a notable exception allowed.magazineschocolate/sweets/biscuitsclothesbooksscrapbooking productsrandom online shopping. Amazon, I’m looking at you Frugal February will give me a chance to actively live with our … Continue reading A Month In Which I Don’t Buy Anything I Don’t Truly Need | The Re-run

Scrapping in 2020 | The Goals

I haven't solved the dilemma of scrapbook storage, so I'm continuing with my hunt for a scrapbooking solution that ticks all the boxes. And just like blogging, I've no plans to stop scrapbooking. As previously mentioned, I've returned to Project Life this year (in a smaller format than before) and I will also incorporate 8x8 … Continue reading Scrapping in 2020 | The Goals

Blog Review | 2019

Happy New Year! Final sunset of 2019 Let me begin by thanking you for reading, commenting and staying with me throughout 2019. It was quite a year. Let's also take a look at the all-important numbers: I wrote 253 posts, totalling 42,065 words. I have 138 followers. There were 1,604 comments, averaging 6 comments per … Continue reading Blog Review | 2019

OLW | Thrive and the Traveler’s Notebook

Three more spreads have been added to the One Little Word traveler's notebook: The Ceremony of the Keys: The Festival of Remembrance: And, last but not least, Tilly's family reunion: There's just one double page left - perfect for Christmas and wrapping up a year of thriving.