Month in Numbers | March 2021

Did March turn out to be marvellous? Let's see what the numbers made of it: 4 doses of the vaccine received by family members (including me) 🙂 83 days spent in the 3rd national lockdown for England. 1 year of Covid-19 restrictions in place across the whole of the UK. 3 cyber crops with The … Continue reading Month in Numbers | March 2021

Scrapbooking in 2021 | Completing the Ascension Island Album

I've reached the point in the Asi Album where I'm happy to call it done. The majority of the pages are Project Life style - there are only ten traditional 12x12 spreads - and I like the look and feel of having mixed things up. 🙂 The Best Friend asked me how I remembered so … Continue reading Scrapbooking in 2021 | Completing the Ascension Island Album

Month in Numbers | February 2021

I can’t say that February was fabulous; the hideous weather put paid to that. But it wasn’t a total washout. Let’s see what the numbers made of it: 28 days ... of a national lockdown/stay-at-home across England ... of taking Tilly for her morning walk. (The Brainy One and The Boy walk her in the … Continue reading Month in Numbers | February 2021

How Was Your Weekend?

How did you spend your weekend? Despite being under a stay-at-home order, this past weekend turned out to be quite a full one. 🙂 Saturday - Up at 08.00, bed at 22.30. Step count - 11,623: Shower and breakfastWalked 4 laps of the park with Tilly - the outside temperature was -3C, so I kept … Continue reading How Was Your Weekend?

The 100 Day Project | 2021

The creatives behind the 100 Day Project have decided to go early this year, feeling that something positive to look forward to over the Winter of 2021 could only be a good thing. Day 1 is Sunday, 31 January, because the 1st February is a Monday and it’s hard to start a project on a … Continue reading The 100 Day Project | 2021

Right Now …

I'm wondering how much more grim the news will be before we can truly say that we are through the worst. I'm hopeful because there is a new occupant in the White House and I was unexpectedly emotional when I watched Kamala Harris be sworn in as Vice-President of the United States. Madam Vice-President. I'm … Continue reading Right Now …

Blog Review 2020

Let me begin by thanking you for reading, commenting and staying with me throughout 2020. It was quite the year. And that last sentence was quite the under statement. Let’s also take a look at the all-important numbers: I wrote 254 posts, totaling 40,479 words. I have 239 followers. There were 1,979 comments, averaging 8 … Continue reading Blog Review 2020

Month in Numbers | July 2020

Did July turn out to be joyous? Let's see what the numbers have to say: Another 31 days with lockdown measures in place. 132 days since the UK lockdown began. 12 pieces of Happy Mail sent. 6 visits with family members. 7 day of homeschooling. 3 haircuts. 100 days of the 100 Day Project complete. … Continue reading Month in Numbers | July 2020