Me on Monday | 1 August

Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy It was another week of hot and sticky weather. The Boy and I embarked on our Summer adventures ... more on those coming soonThe Boy went flying ... more on that soonI went to see the dental hygienistI had a pedicureI started working on the Traveler's Notebook for our upcoming Road … Continue reading Me on Monday | 1 August

Eight Podcasts Worth Listening To

I am a huge fan of BBC Sounds (available globally for free) and have taken to listening to a podcast when I'm out with Tilly. Here's 8 podcasts I've been listening to lately. Listening in The Coming Storm with Gabriel Gatehouse: QAnon and the plot to break reality - a journey into the dark undergrowth … Continue reading Eight Podcasts Worth Listening To

Me on Monday | 23 May

It was a week of everyday life mixed with extremely distressing news. The gas boiler was servicedA 21-year-old woman was murdered just 10 minutes away from our houseWe dog sat for my sister-in-loveThe Brainy Boy and The Colombian celebrated 10 years of marriage :)I continued working on the Jersey journalThe surveyor came to confirm our … Continue reading Me on Monday | 23 May

Me on Monday | 16 May

It was another week where we were happy to potter around close to home. I went to the salon to have my eyebrows doneThe Brainy One and I went to B&Q to buy paint and a radiator coverI participated in Mass Observation Day (more on that soon) I had my hair cutThe Brainy One taught … Continue reading Me on Monday | 16 May

Me on Tuesday | 1 March

It was an upsetting week. We didn't have the words available to be able to console our Ukrainian friends. The car went in for its annual MoT and passedThe Brainy One and I introduced The Boy to the superb Band of BrothersThe Brainy One and I met my Sister-in-Love for brunchThe Parents/Teacher meeting happened over … Continue reading Me on Tuesday | 1 March

Summer Plans 2021 | The Second Covid Summer

The Summer holidays are here ... as is the third wave of Covid-19. How do I give The Boy a great Summer without putting any of us at serious risk? River Thames at Kew The answer has actually been quite simple - we've made the decision to limit our exposure by cancelling a number of … Continue reading Summer Plans 2021 | The Second Covid Summer

Not My Tribe

A global audience watched the Euros. A global audience watched England lose a penalty shoot-out in the final against Italy on Sunday evening. Yesterday, a global audience heard or read on social media about the hideous racist comments posted online targeting the three young men who missed their penalties for England. Three Lions Three young … Continue reading Not My Tribe

Me on Monday

One way or another, it was an emotional week: I visited the orthodontist after breaking my retainer for the second time. :(The Boy and I had what was hopefully the final appointment about his toe. :)The Brainy One and I met up with my SiL for lunch.I bought more bedding plants for our front garden.I … Continue reading Me on Monday