Let’s Sit And Have A Cup Of Tea | June 2023

Elizabeth Street, Belgravia Well, hello, and thanks so much for joining me for a cup of tea. I am hoping that June is a good month for us, after all the general busyness of May. We're a little at sixes and sevens this week, as our half-term plans fell through at the last minute and … Continue reading Let’s Sit And Have A Cup Of Tea | June 2023

Me on Tuesday | 2 May

It a was a week with a mixed-bag of weather, school closure and preparations for the Coronation. Bunting outside the Town Hall The Dell Engineer cancelled late in the day and rescheduled for the following day I collected my newly-bereaved friend for a walk around our local parks with Tilly I finally ordered the replacement … Continue reading Me on Tuesday | 2 May

Me on Monday | 24 April

It was a week of easing back in to a routine. The Boy returned to school I went to see my friend The Boy went for a blood test Tilly went to the groomer I had my hair cut I went to Westfield shopping centre to buy Coronation-themed t-shirts School informed us that two more … Continue reading Me on Monday | 24 April

Me on Monday | 27 February

It was a week full of snuffles, coughs and blocked ears. The Brainy One lectured at the University of Cambridge for two days I had coffee with another autism mum The jewellers notified me that my engagement ring is apparently unrepairable I took The Boy to the doctor The Boy went to Work Experience I … Continue reading Me on Monday | 27 February

Me on Monday | 20 February

It was half term week. The Brainy One attended a family funeral in his home town The Boy and I went to Battersea Power Station The Brainy One and The Boy went to Duxford Tilly went to the groomer The Boy was under the weather for a few days with a high temperature The Boy … Continue reading Me on Monday | 20 February

Lift 109 | Battersea Power Station

On a beautifully clear and sunny February morning, The Boy and I went up inside a chimney at the newly restored Battersea Power Station. What was once forty two acres of industrial brownfield has been transformed into a vibrant new live, work and play neighbourhood for the local and wider communities. Inside the iconic Battersea … Continue reading Lift 109 | Battersea Power Station

Me on Monday | 6 February

It was a week centered around the reassessment of The Boy's needs. Tilly went to the vet I went to the dental hygienist The Boy went to the dentist School was closed due to strike action I took my engagement ring back to the jeweller to be repaired I sent off the completed paperwork required … Continue reading Me on Monday | 6 February

Me on Monday | 30 January

It was a week of wintry weather, of Tilly needing a shower after her daily walks and heartbreaking news. Brunch I had some routine blood tests, all within the normal parameters A friend joined Tilly and me on one of our walks I fitted draft excluder tape around our backdoor, simple to do and immediately … Continue reading Me on Monday | 30 January