Me on Monday | 20 June

It was a week of incredibly hot days and a negative test. I had a few days of terrible backache - "How's old Bert's lumbago?"I planted out four lavender bushesI binged watched The Lincoln Lawyer and began series 2 of Sweet Magnolias, both on NetflixI finally brought the garden umbrella out of storage I sat … Continue reading Me on Monday | 20 June

Me on Monday | 13 June

It was a week of Covid-19 isolation. The Brainy One and The Boy were self-isolatingThe Brainy One's jury service was deferred until later this yearThe Boy tested negative of day 5, The Brainy One was still positiveThe Boy returned to school after 2 consecutive negative tests. He was sent home again before lunch, as he … Continue reading Me on Monday | 13 June

Me on Monday | 6 June

It was a week of half term travels, the Jubilee and testing. Rozel Bay, Jersey We completed our road trip to Jersey (lots more on that coming soon)We enjoyed a family outing to see Top Gun:Maverick at the cinemaWe went to a fantastic Platinum Jubilee party with The Oldest Friends - our god daughter baked … Continue reading Me on Monday | 6 June

Me on Monday | 30 May

It was a week of mixed weather, admin, horrific news and preparing for a road trip. I went to see Chelsea in Bloom (more on that soon)We had a virtual meeting with a mental health professionalI was left visibly shaken and distressed after learning about the mass shootings in Uvalde, Texas. See here for a … Continue reading Me on Monday | 30 May

Me on Monday

This past week was the best we've had in a few months ... The Boy returned to school for full-time, in-person learning. As previously mentioned, he has to take a compulsory lateral flow test twice a week. The Brainy One received his first dose of the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine and, as with me, there have … Continue reading Me on Monday

Memorandum Monday | Memos: Mail: Me {and a Winner}

Sian is ringing the changes for Memorandum Monday this yearand inviting contributors to mention their favourite piece of Happy Mail received during the previous week.Happy Mail?  Something that's right up my street. I make a note of how much Happy Mail I send out,but have never given much blog space to things I've received via Royal Mail.***Last … Continue reading Memorandum Monday | Memos: Mail: Me {and a Winner}

Memorandum Monday

Monday has rolled around again, and that means it's time to join in with the lovely Sian and share something that I've learnt over the weekend ... Tree plantings are emotional things. That's not something I'd ever considered before.  I mean, it's not as if you ever see HM The Queen looking misty-eyed as she plants her … Continue reading Memorandum Monday