What Do You See?

I have two desks squeezed into my office space.One is home the the desktop PC and associated paraphernalia.The other is where I scrapbook.It means that I sit facing a wall.To brighten up my view I have the following:Three school photos of The Boy Child.A favourite photo of my dad, taken the year before he died.A … Continue reading What Do You See?

Be More | August

Goodbye, August, you were awesome!We continued in our endeavour to be more.There was European travel.  Plenty of European travel.Paris.Brussels.Denmark.There were Mummies and Blood Swept Lands.There was the completion of the Summer Photography Scavenger Hunt.There were postcards.  Oh, so many sent and received.There were cousins to stay for a long weekend.There was ice and buckets.And oh, … Continue reading Be More | August

Be More | July

Goodbye, July, you were jubilant!We continued in our endeavour to be more.~ I had my first facetime conversation with my sister since she emigrated.~ There was a super successful Summer Fayre at school.~ There was a FIFA World Cup sticker swap with a big boy.~ There was a brilliant performance of the Scottish Play.~ There was … Continue reading Be More | July

Be More | May

Goodbye, May, you were marvellous!We continued to be more.~ welcome several overnight guests throughout the month.~ first time face painting.~ get togethers in Hyde Park.~ decorating The Boy Child's bedroom.~ blossoming friendships.~ Afternoon Tea.~ Good news.~ Autism friendly cinema.~ Good weather for outdoor adventures.~ Rubbish weather and indoor adventures.~ Scavenger Hunt.~ Turning 46.And oh, so much … Continue reading Be More | May

Be More | April

Goodbye, April, you were awesome!We continued to be more.Spring Concert.The fabulous guys at London Underground.Overnight guests.Family to stay.End of term.New York, New York.Signs of Spring.Fabulous days with fabulous friends.And oh, so much more.April has whizzed by.Hello, May and all that you can offer.Do you have a word for 2014 that you want to keep at … Continue reading Be More | April

Be More | March

Goodbye, marvellous March!To be more was liberating and I took full advantage.There was more stargazing.We attended church in Chelsea.We made pancakes. My book arrived in print.The Boy Child dressed up for World Book Day.The Boy Child enjoyed weekend outings with friends.There was cake.  Plenty of cake.The weather got warmer.We had three sets of overnight visitors.There was an Afternoon Tea party.And oh, so much more.March has … Continue reading Be More | March