Me on Monday | 23 May

It was a week of everyday life mixed with extremely distressing news. The gas boiler was servicedA 21-year-old woman was murdered just 10 minutes away from our houseWe dog sat for my sister-in-loveThe Brainy Boy and The Colombian celebrated 10 years of marriage :)I continued working on the Jersey journalThe surveyor came to confirm our … Continue reading Me on Monday | 23 May

Me on Monday | 4 April

It was a week of yet more admin and meetings over MS Teams. It was a week with snow flurries and cold temperatures. I had my hair cutThe free design consultation took place and looks promising (more on that soonish)I worked on some family history, trying to find a reason and/or a connection as to … Continue reading Me on Monday | 4 April

The Global Pandemic | Two Years on From The UK’s First Lockdown

Westminster Bridge, March 2020 It's two years today since the PM announced the UK's first lockdown and issued a stay-at-home order. Two years. Covid-19 is still here. Covid cases are rising again, as are the number of Covid-related deaths. The UK has lifted all restrictions. The four Home nations are not united in their approach. … Continue reading The Global Pandemic | Two Years on From The UK’s First Lockdown

Me on Monday | 24 January

It was a bitterly cold week, with plenty of early morning fog. We celebrated two birthdays virtuallyWe booked a trip to Jersey for later this year! We love it there and it ticked all the boxes for reentering the world of air travel I booked my train to the Crop in the Country weekend in … Continue reading Me on Monday | 24 January

The Best Kind of Early Christmas Present

Before heading home after our night in town, The Boy and I swung by St. Thomas' Hospital on Westminster Bridge Road to see if the Vaccination Centre was accepting teenage walk-ins. They were. The staff were utterly brilliant. Once they knew about The Boy's autism, they went above and beyond to ensure that he was … Continue reading The Best Kind of Early Christmas Present

Festival of Remembrance 2021

I had the honour of being in the audience at this year's Festival of Remembrance at London's Royal Albert Hall. Organised by the Royal British Legion, this year the festival commemorated the charity's 100 years of service to the Armed Forces community. Tomos Roberts (aka Tomfoolery) reciting Alive with Poppies Also marked were the 30th … Continue reading Festival of Remembrance 2021