Blog Review | 2014

Three hundred and seventy three blog posts. 175,789 page views, approximately, in the life of this blog. 145 followers, plus a handful of others who regularly comment but don't actively follow me.  ~ 1 January, 2015: the Texan office ~ Projects I blogged about in 2014: Project Life:  Year 4 of documenting the mundane everyday.  I'll be … Continue reading Blog Review | 2014

UFOs and WiPs

All crafters have them.Unfinished Objects and Works in Progress.I've been quietly lamenting the fact that I don't seem to have the urge currently to sit down at my desk and make stuff.  You know, nothing fancy, just stuff.  A scrapbook page or two.I did, however, managed to complete two small projects when I was at … Continue reading UFOs and WiPs

The Beauty of the Humble Postcard

I've always been a fan of the humble postcard.Right back to the days in the '70s when we went to holiday (usually to a friend's house, hardly ever a hotel) and sent postcards to our grandparents.Right back to the days in the '90s when I travelled a lot more with my job and for pleasure.Regular … Continue reading The Beauty of the Humble Postcard

Right Now …

Sometimes you have an idea for a blog post.One of those standby blog post ideas.For the days when you can't think of anything else.And then you find that Ali was having the same idea.1.  I drove the car today.  I took The Boy Child to school, along with the two bags of unwanted clothes and … Continue reading Right Now …

Be More | August

Goodbye, August, you were awesome!We continued in our endeavour to be more.There was European travel.  Plenty of European travel.Paris.Brussels.Denmark.There were Mummies and Blood Swept Lands.There was the completion of the Summer Photography Scavenger Hunt.There were postcards.  Oh, so many sent and received.There were cousins to stay for a long weekend.There was ice and buckets.And oh, … Continue reading Be More | August

Photography Scavenger Hunt | The Definitive List: 1-7

Thanks to my recent travels, I have completed this year's Photography Scavenger Hunt list and no substitutions were required.In some cases I was able to find duplicates.Some images have been already posted here and some have been shared on facebook. But what follows is the definitive list for 2014.Numbers 1-7:#1: A sign welcoming people to … Continue reading Photography Scavenger Hunt | The Definitive List: 1-7