Sharing a Cuppa

Hi, hi, c’mon on in!

How are you?  You’ve called at a perfect time, as the boys are on a Boys Own Adventure to Oxford for the day and we have the space to sit and chat.  It’s a little Autumnal outside today, isn’t it?  I do hope that summer isn’t over just yet.
What have I been doing while they are out?
I have ignored the plaintive calls coming from the depths of the ironing basket and I have scrapbooked.
All.  Afternoon.

And it’s been heavenly, I can tell you.  Apart from trying to keep up with Project Life, I haven’t done any scrapbooking during the summer holidays and I have missed it.  I’ve made a title page for the album about our summer travels and a double spread about visiting the Louvre.  And I suspect I shall start on another page when you have gone.
How has your summer been?  Did you manage to get away at all?  School starts again next Wednesday and I would say that The Boy Child is ready to go back.  I know that I am.  Year 3.  Gulp.
We’re hopeful that he will transition into a new routine smoothly.  His new teacher has first hand experience of teaching children with Autism and we have armed him with simple knowledge of his condition.  Yep, we had The Talk and it went okay.  I’ll go into more detail another time.
Now, how about a top-up and you can tell me what you’ve been upto …

Sharing a Cuppa is brought to you in association with Abi’s invitation to sit and have a cup of tea.  
Summer 500: 247

10 thoughts on “Sharing a Cuppa

  1. Crafting versus housework? That ironing never stood a chance! You packed so much I to your summer, no wonder you have much to scrapbook. I don't blame you for making the mist of them being out!


  2. I've now been ignoring the ironing all week! It will have to be done at some point soon because there is school uniform in there that is needed next week!
    Hope your little one settles in quickly.


  3. Scrapbooking all afternoon in a quite house! Luxury! I am sitting staring at the piles of holiday photos wondering how to fit them all into project life! Best get cracking! I hope TBC enjoys year three. Pleased to hear his teacher is on board.


  4. Today is ironing day for me with all the men returned to work. I hope TBC has a great year and am pleased that he has a teacher with experience with students with autism.


  5. Wishing the wee man well as he starts his third year – and how mice it must have felt to be scrapbooking again! Looking forward to more sneak peeks …


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