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The library might just be my new favourite room in our house.

The Boy does not have the library you might expect of a teenager. He has the library of a middle-aged military history buff. 🙂 But as I have done the bulk of the shelving, I have made sure to include some of his favourite YA reads alongside the reference books.

There is always room for Harry Potter and a collection of pop figures.

Each time I am in the library, which is a lot right now, I tweak the contents of each shelf. Some shelves I am now happy with, some will be tweaked for some time yet.

The trinkets on the shelves all have meaning for The Boy – a cuddly Snowy from when we went to Brussels, a photo from our trip to Wembley belongs on the football shelf, a yellow cab from a trip to New York City, the only trophy that The Boy has ever received and the quick-build aircraft he has made over the years.

Plus there are two mugs holding pens and pencils, and a small cork globe studded with pins showing everywhere The Boy has been to.

Things have moved around since I took this shot

The best thing about the new unit is that there is still plenty of space for more books, which is all The Boy really cares about. 🙂

There’s now a standard lamp in the corner, which can be rotated to offer the best light, and two IKEA picture shelves.

I may have drunk beer in the library after a serious bout of tweaking on one of the hottest days of the year …

6 thoughts on “Home Décor | Library Details

  1. A time spent tweaking is time well spent! I love the cork globe – what a great idea. That is an impressive collection of Alex Rider books – my son loved those too when he was young. The bookcases look great, nicely filled but plenty of room for more book purchases 😉

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  2. And what does Tilly think of all the changes; still a favourite spot for an afternoon snooze? The shelves look decorative without loosing the need & look of a place for books … and more books. The Harry Potter Pop gang are cute without over doing the cute. I think the beer a well deserved reward for Mum!

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