Be More | August

Goodbye, August, you were awesome!
We continued in our endeavour to be more.
There was European travel.  Plenty of European travel.



There were Mummies and Blood Swept Lands.
There was the completion of the Summer Photography Scavenger Hunt.
There were postcards.  Oh, so many sent and received.
There were cousins to stay for a long weekend.

There was ice and buckets.
And oh, so much more.

August has whizzed by.
Hello, September and all that you can offer.

Do you have a word or phrase for 2014 that you want to keep at the forefront of your mind during your daily life?

2 thoughts on “Be More | August

  1. Wow – so much FUN travel in August! Hope you continue to BE MORE in September. My word is FUN & I'm enjoying having that focus as it helps me appreciate all the FUN – the little things, the big things, the things I might have missed if I wasn't looking for the FUN!


  2. Postcards very gratefully received here 🙂

    I'm glad you had such a great August..plenty of good memories there to keep you going through the new term


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