1940s Weekend Revisited

This coming weekend should have seen us return to Hughenden for their 1940s Weekend. It’s not happening this year, obviously, so I thought it might be fun to look back at some of my favourite images from previous years.

I know that at some point the 1940s Weekend will return and will hopefully be none the worse for having missed a year, but we’re all disappointed it’s not on this weekend. We enjoy it enormously and I’d been working on encouraging The Brainy One to dress as a spiv and The Boy Child to dress as an evacuee. 🙂

2019’s event is here.

2018’s event is here.

6 thoughts on “1940s Weekend Revisited

  1. It does look like those events were fun. I like some of the hair styles from the 40’s, but oh so much work. How dashing would TBO be in one of those hats the spiv’s wore & from the photos of child evacuees, those sad little faces could match well with teen hormone looks! (col) Happy weekend.

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  2. Haha, TBC’s teenage face would be perfect as a grumpy evacuee! I think I’ve missed my chance, though, as next year he’ll most likely say he’s too old for dressing up …


  3. This looks such fun – I do like the styles from this period. I am off to follow your links and see how previous weekends unfolded. Hoping you get to do it again – with both your men in tow. If dad can do it … :).

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