Maybe It’s Because I’m A Londoner

I've lived in London longer than anywhere else I've lived.  The Brainy One has been in London for thirty or more years.  The Boy Child is a Londoner, the only one of us with the place of birth on his passport listed as London.  As I'm now in my 13th year of West London living, I think … Continue reading Maybe It’s Because I’m A Londoner

Emigration and Dual Nationality | Would You?

With the constant noise surrounding the UK's decision to leave the European Union a never-ending irritant, we've been thinking, in a rather generalised kind of way, about the idea of emigration and/or dual nationality.As it currently stands, I appear to qualify for a passport to another EU country simply because my maternal grandfather happened to … Continue reading Emigration and Dual Nationality | Would You?

Summer Manifesto 2013

Like last year, I am attempting a Summer Manifesto.  (Ali Edwards has updated her product and offers a free 2013 title page.)  Last year's album was a hit with The Boy Child; so much so that he took it into school one week for Show and Tell.This year our summer will be different. We are … Continue reading Summer Manifesto 2013

One Little Word Blog Hop: March

Welcome to the third blog hop of 2013 for One Little Word.  One Little Word is the brainchild of Ali Edwards and you can find out more here.  The hop is organised by Lee of The Linar Studio blog fame.  You'll find a full list of participants at the end of this post ~ do try and get around as … Continue reading One Little Word Blog Hop: March

Hello Monday

Hello to The Brainy One lecturing at one of the world's best universities for two days.  So proud of him.~ image found here ~Hello to a resurgence of wintry weather.  What happened to Spring?Hello to a haircut.Hello to Street Dance class.  Having observed The Boy Child in class recently, I shall be saving my money … Continue reading Hello Monday

Hello Monday

Hello to more snow falling.Hello to feeling physically sick when realising that our War Memorial has been vandalised.  Poor command of the English language somehow only adds insult to injury. Hello to a large supermarket shop.  The kitchen cupboards look as though they belong to Old Mother Hubbard.Hello to the possibility of house viewings.  We … Continue reading Hello Monday