Month in Numbers | May 2023

I’ve noted all my numbers this month, more out of habit than anything else. I seem to have run out of enthusiasm for making a Project Life style scrapbook page, so I’m simply going to record them here. I went on 36 walks with Tilly I took 16 online Step classes via YouTube I did 31 sessions … Continue reading Month in Numbers | May 2023

Me on Tuesday | 30 May

It was a week of getting stuck in. 🙂 I began the redecoration of the spare bedroom Tilly and I met up with a friend for a walk around the park I nipped into town to see Chelsea in Bloom I went to The Boy's Summer SHINE Concert, where he was the compère 🙂 I … Continue reading Me on Tuesday | 30 May

Mass Observation Day | 12 May 2023

On the 12th May 2023, the Mass Observation Archive repeated its annual call for day diaries, capturing the everyday lives of people across the UK. I treated the day like a Day in the Life entry and my key word was detail. I wrote the timed entries without much thought to structure. I didn’t add any photos this year, simply because I hardly … Continue reading Mass Observation Day | 12 May 2023

Me on Monday | 22 May

It was a busy week, with a lot going on both at home and out of it. The Best Friend had spent the night on our return from Crop in the Country and used our kitchen table as her remote office before heading home late morning I began the bedroom swap and discovered that there's … Continue reading Me on Monday | 22 May

Me on Monday | 15 May

It was another short week, one with a mixed bag of weather. I made two visits to B&Q for paint and associated bits related to redecorating Tilly and I were caught out in a heavy downpour The Brainy One and I went to our friend's funeral I had another visit to the dentist - related … Continue reading Me on Monday | 15 May

Me on Tuesday | 9 May

Tulips at the Chelsea Physic Garden It was a short week, with a Bank Holiday and a day where school was closed. The Boy and I visited the Chelsea Physic Garden School was closed for a day because of strike action We met my sister-in-love to walk our dogs and have brunch I bought bedding … Continue reading Me on Tuesday | 9 May

Me on Monday | 13 March

It was a chilly week with sleet, snow and tracking the weather in New York. I met a friend for lunch Our house alarm system had a much overdue service I applied for an ESTA for my upcoming trip It snowed Work Experience for The Boy was postponed because of commuting difficulties for the guys … Continue reading Me on Monday | 13 March

Frugal February 2023 | How The Month Played Out

I’ve just completed another Frugal February and I feel good about it. It’s been good practice to pause and actively consider whether a purchase is essential – most of the time, it hasn’t been. I’ve saved money, but what of the purchases I did make? Purchases came under one category: scrapbooking supplies – mainly cardstock and glue. But you … Continue reading Frugal February 2023 | How The Month Played Out

Me on Monday | 6 March

It was a week of colder weather, small wins and brunches. Lunch in town with a friend was rearranged I met with the jeweller to confirm how my engagement ring can become wearable again I went to The Boy's Parent/Teacher meeting The Boy went to Work Experience School was closed for a day due to … Continue reading Me on Monday | 6 March