Month in Numbers | October

I don't know where October went.  I seem to have blinked and missed it!  Let's see if October was oarsome {ahem}:During our three days long road trip around the Wiltshire/Gloucestershire borders, we visited 4 new-to-us destinations: Westonbirt Arboretum, Castle Combe, Lacock and Avebury.  We covered some 350 miles, most of which were on beautiful 'B' roads.  … Continue reading Month in Numbers | October

Month in Numbers | September

October's dropped by in a haze of blue sky, sunshine and crisp winds.But first, let's see whether September was sensational ...Yr. 6: the final year of Primary School ... gulp!One RAK: took a photo of the two Mormon missionaries andemailed it to their mums.  Job done.24,297: my highest daily step count.Exploring London is one way … Continue reading Month in Numbers | September

Month in Numbers | July

July was joyful!Let's see how it turned out:41C: the highest temperature we encountered this month,but then it was in Marrakech.11: the amount of Happy Mail sent this month.8: the number of days we spent in Marrakech, thanks to a kind invitation from friends.{Marrakech will be appearing on the blog throughout August}327: the number of pages I read … Continue reading Month in Numbers | July

Month in Numbers | June

There was plenty of joy to be found in June;let's take a look at some of it:20,132: the highest number of steps I achieved on a daily count during the month.  I continue to be astonished at how much ground I can coveron any given day.74.6%: the turnout to vote on Election Day in our constituency was high.The … Continue reading Month in Numbers | June

Right Now …

... I'm looking forward to a few days away.... Sunshine and warmer temperatures mean it's time to eat al fresco, with a side order of Pimm's.... Reading the Neapolitan novels by Elena Ferrante on the Kindle.... Still walking around the park each day.  A habit that's hard to break.... Choosing 'nothing changes if nothing changes' … Continue reading Right Now …

Month in Numbers | March

Did March turn out to be marvellous?Let's take a look:55: the number of minutes it took for the orthodontist to attach my braces. 330: the number of lengths I put in at the pool - the biggest total of the year so far.6: the number of separate donations made to either via freecycle or to a … Continue reading Month in Numbers | March