The 100 Day Project | 2021

The creatives behind the 100 Day Project have decided to go early this year, feeling that something positive to look forward to over the Winter of 2021 could only be a good thing. Day 1 is Sunday, 31 January, because the 1st February is a Monday and it’s hard to start a project on a … Continue reading The 100 Day Project | 2021

Covid-19 | The Journal, Part 1

We are currently living through something that future generations will learn about in their school History lessons. As a memory keeper, I felt it was important to create a record of my own family's experience. I'm mostly using pocket pages in 6x8, with cards for the journaling from my favourite In a Creative Bubble. I'm … Continue reading Covid-19 | The Journal, Part 1

Project Life | Revisiting Those Early Years

It was while I was considering the dilemma of lack of storage space for full scrapbooks that I was sidetracked by browsing through Volumes 1 and 2 of The Boy Child's albums. They're shockingly awful. I don't say that in the hope that you will leave a comment in order to contradict me and tell … Continue reading Project Life | Revisiting Those Early Years

15 Things I’m Planning on Doing Throughout 2020

Sometimes, as much as we want to have an endless amount of excitement and cheer for a new year, it’s dreadful. While it can seem like new beginnings and fresh starts for some of us, a new year can also feel like a starting point for a necessary change. There’s so much pressure to make … Continue reading 15 Things I’m Planning on Doing Throughout 2020

Blog Review | 2019

Happy New Year! Final sunset of 2019 Let me begin by thanking you for reading, commenting and staying with me throughout 2019. It was quite a year. Let's also take a look at the all-important numbers: I wrote 253 posts, totalling 42,065 words. I have 138 followers. There were 1,604 comments, averaging 6 comments per … Continue reading Blog Review | 2019

The Boy Child’s Completed Summer Journal

The beginning The Boy Child and I did a great job with his Summer Journal. He finished up with ten 12x12 Project Life pocket pages (Design A) documenting what, it has to be said, was a pretty good Summer. The end I think The Boy Child's teacher might have been a little surprised to receive … Continue reading The Boy Child’s Completed Summer Journal

The Original Happy Mail | Those Letters

What am I going to do with all the letters? Paired I'm going to read them. Of course I am. Safe in the knowledge that Mum knew that I would, at some point, and that I have the blessing of our Australian friends-like-family. Over his morning coffee, The Brainy One casually enquired recently, "What will … Continue reading The Original Happy Mail | Those Letters

She Came From a Land Down Under

You know you must have done something right when someone from Australia gets in touch to say they'll be in London and wants to meet up. The young lady in question is the grand daughter of Mum's penfriend, Kay, and I haven't seen her since The Brainy One and I visited Australia in 2005. We … Continue reading She Came From a Land Down Under

TGIF | With A Difference

The lovely Mary-Lou of Patio Postcards blog pointed me recently in the direction of Brené Brown's new weekly gratitude practice, TGIF. Most of us would recognise TGIF as an acronym for Thank God It's Friday, but in Brené's world it stands for Trusting, Grateful, Inspired and Fun. Chihuly at Kew Gardens Trusting: that The Boy … Continue reading TGIF | With A Difference

What Solo International Travel Has Taught Me

I'm heading out on a solo adventure shortly and I'm excited! My first taste of solo international travel took me all the way to Gibraltar in February, 2003 - chosen for the short flight time, its innate Britishness coupled with a 'foreign' appeal and English as the national language. I went for just 2 nights … Continue reading What Solo International Travel Has Taught Me