Five Behaviour Traits I Should Have Outgrown

I am a middle-aged woman and I am my harshest critic.  There, I've said it.  My half-century of living is rapidly approaching and that auspicious occasion has been an excuse to evaluate some of the behaviour traits I still persist with. ~ I am using this photo to illustrate point one ~Here's five behaviours that … Continue reading Five Behaviour Traits I Should Have Outgrown

Eye to Eye

I've reached an age where I need two different pairs of glasses .I've been wearing varifocal lenses for two years now,both glasses and contact lenses.{I loathe selfies}At my appointment two weeks ago, I was informed of the need foroccupational lenses.  Quite.A pair specifically for close-up work ...... ie. scrapbooking.This pair is now known as the-do-not-wear-outside-of-the-house … Continue reading Eye to Eye