Me on Tuesday | 1 November

It was a busy half term week. The Boy and I travelled to the newly opened Bond Street station on the Elizabeth Line The UK had another new Prime Minister We visited Little Venice Tilly visited the groomer I bought lots of new clothes for The Boy: jeans, hoodies, jumpers and shirts The Boy and … Continue reading Me on Tuesday | 1 November

London’s Little Venice in Autumn

The Boy suggested taking Tilly to Little Venice. I correctly translated this as him wanting to go on the Elizabeth Line again. He knows that Little Venice is my favourite place in London and that Autumn is the season that suits Little Venice best. He also knows that the Elizabeth Line is the quickest way … Continue reading London’s Little Venice in Autumn

Me on Monday

We had more lovely Autumnal weather and did our best to be outside in it. Little Venice I smile every time I come through the front door and see our freshly decorated walls :)A friend and I treated ourselves to Afternoon Tea at the Berkeley Hotel in Knightsbridge (you might have seen a few images … Continue reading Me on Monday

Five Acts of Self Care

We're experiencing a frustrating time just now over The Boy Child's high school placement.  What should have been a simple process has morphed into hours spent calling and emailing the so-called educational professionals in the search of a concrete answer.  And right in the middle of it, The Brainy One reminded me of something important … Continue reading Five Acts of Self Care

Memos: Mail: Me

This week, The Postie may have aided and abetted my ever-growing collectionof stripey tops, as well as allowing me to add to my collection of London-themedreference books.  The Secret London book was recommended to meby a neighbour who thought The Boy Child might enjoy exploring someof the more obscure places listed. I have a few places already … Continue reading Memos: Mail: Me

Afternoon Tea in London’s Little Venice

The Brainy One surprised me yesterday with an invitation to Afternoon Tea.  In a 4* hotel in my beloved Little Venice. That blue plaque states that the hotel, in its previous guise as a maternity hospital,  was the birthplace of Alan Turing, which appealed to The Brainy's One love of all things scientific.    The weather … Continue reading Afternoon Tea in London’s Little Venice