Scrapbooking | My Hobby and Its Impact

I have been contemplating all that I have gained as the documenter and memory keeper of my family's social history. I have learned so much. I have felt so much. I have also done so much. Scrapbooking Forums | The owner of a paper crafting store in Elgin, Scotland told me about an online forum … Continue reading Scrapbooking | My Hobby and Its Impact

Scrapbooking in 2021 | More Pages From The Honeymoon Album

In the honeymoon album, I'm just about done with Australia and ready to move on New Zealand and out across the Pacific Ocean. 🙂 This spreads sits next to a pocket page all about Flagstaff Hill Maritime Museum in Warrnambool, Victoria. If you're ever in that part of Australia, I recommend highly spending a day … Continue reading Scrapbooking in 2021 | More Pages From The Honeymoon Album

One Little Word | Pause – May and June 2020

It's only now, at the back end of July, that I've completed May and June's Pause pages. For May, I chose to record my birthday selfie - complete with a make up-free face and a nasty stye. I couldn't decide on patterned paper, so opted to go without. I blew the dust of a few … Continue reading One Little Word | Pause – May and June 2020

Gogo Getaway | After Hours

Those of you who attend residential scrapbooking retreats will know that sticking and gluing goes on well in to the wee small hours.  Most people bring along their own projects to work on (I started work on this year's December Daily), but for those who hadn’t, the GoGo Getaway ladies had two self-paced classes available. … Continue reading Gogo Getaway | After Hours

Gogo Getaway | The Classes

There is always a well thought out class timetable for a GoGo weekend, where delegates chose their classes in advance. Each class has three choice and are graded in technical difficulty. Of the five classes I took, I think 4 were intermediate and one was advanced. Friday night's class involved paint and a lot of … Continue reading Gogo Getaway | The Classes