Design Your Life 2.0 | Week One

Design Your Life by Cathy Zielske is up and running,and Week One introduced the idea of symmetry and asymmetry on scrapbook pages.    The first assignment was to produce a symmetrical layout using a grid design.I used recent photos of The Boy Child to tell a story from over twenty years ago. Isn't it great when … Continue reading Design Your Life 2.0 | Week One

Cousins, Affirmations and Rockers | Photo Heavy

So I travelled the two hundred plus miles yesterday afternoon to meet up for an evening out with Cousin #1, Cousin #3 and Cousin by Marriage.We don't need much to have a fabulous time.Large bottles of beer are always a good choice. Delicious food complete with positive affirmation.  What's not to love? The reflective selfie shot is … Continue reading Cousins, Affirmations and Rockers | Photo Heavy

Blog Review: 2011

454 posts this year.  41,268 page views in the life of this blog.  119 followers, plus a handful of others who regularly comment but don't actively follow me.  This blog had its ups and downs, but overall, it wasn't a bad blogging year at all. Successfully completed were: Yesterday & Today by Ali Edwards for … Continue reading Blog Review: 2011

Design Your Life: Week 4

It's been a while since I posted about Cathy Zielske's Design Your Life class, which now runs as self-paced on BPC ~ two months to be exact.  I decided to put it to one side while Yesterday & Today was in progress, as I could easily see myself becoming snowed under with scrapbooking tips, advice … Continue reading Design Your Life: Week 4