Project Life Revisited | Weeks 5 and 6

Week 5: It was a peculiar week. The Brainy One was away in Marrakech. I was still reeling from the news of a friend's death and subsequently spent a fair bit of time arranging travel plans and accommodation so I could attend his funeral. And the UK finally and formally left the EU. Week 6: … Continue reading Project Life Revisited | Weeks 5 and 6

Project Life Revisited | Weeks 3 and 4

Week 3: A week where the Sussexes dominated every news feed. Thanks to the tail-end of Storm Brendan, I was soaked two days running. I met friends for an overdue catch-up (I printed this card twice, stuck them back-to-back and put the journaling on the reverse). The Boy Child and I went to the pub … Continue reading Project Life Revisited | Weeks 3 and 4

Month in Numbers | January 2020

January has passed by in a blur here at This West London Life; let's see what the numbers made of it: 13: Yikes! There's a teenager in the house! 68 walks with Tilly. 15 scrapbook pages created. 14 birthday thank-yous written by the teenager. 7 nights in Marrakech (spoiler: it wasn't me). We ate out … Continue reading Month in Numbers | January 2020

Project Life | Revisiting Those Early Years

It was while I was considering the dilemma of lack of storage space for full scrapbooks that I was sidetracked by browsing through Volumes 1 and 2 of The Boy Child's albums. They're shockingly awful. I don't say that in the hope that you will leave a comment in order to contradict me and tell … Continue reading Project Life | Revisiting Those Early Years

Scrapping in 2020 | The Goals

I haven't solved the dilemma of scrapbook storage, so I'm continuing with my hunt for a scrapbooking solution that ticks all the boxes. And just like blogging, I've no plans to stop scrapbooking. As previously mentioned, I've returned to Project Life this year (in a smaller format than before) and I will also incorporate 8x8 … Continue reading Scrapping in 2020 | The Goals