The History Project | Revisited

I signed up for Kerri Bradford's online class, The History Project, in January 2015, full of enthusiasm, but somehow it became one of those online courses that I didn't complete. I came across my uncompleted work in a drawer recently when looking for Lego instructions (as you do). As I flicked through the worksheets, I … Continue reading The History Project | Revisited

Month in Numbers | November and December

I ran out of steam a little with collating numbers for the last two months of 2016.So much so, I filled two pockets with confetti and then stitched them shutbecause I didn't have anything else to put in them.Here's a look at November:  244: the number of lengths swum by me in the pool at the gym.21: … Continue reading Month in Numbers | November and December

Christmas in the West End

We made our annual Christmas visit to Covent Gardenand Trafalgar Square earlier today.We go simply to see the decorations and the Nation's Christmas tree(which is a gift from the people of Norway).In the Piazza at Covent Garden, there was a train made from Lego, which The Boy Child was particularly taken with,and we were impressed that it … Continue reading Christmas in the West End

The Art of the Brick | Photo Heavy

The next attempt at an adventure?The Art of the Brick in London's East End. The Boy Child loved it!And I thought it was pretty cool. The attention to detail was astonishing and some of the pieces were fairly big. Worthy of a mention were "Scream" and the polar bear, because it was incredible cute. Following on from yesterday, The … Continue reading The Art of the Brick | Photo Heavy

Christmas Comes Early?

The children in The Boy Child's class are participating in Operation Christmas Child this year.  My mum has filled a shoebox for years, always for a boy and always age appropriate to the age of her grandsons.  My sister used to buy stuff for a homeless teenage boy when she lived in Scotland.As well as … Continue reading Christmas Comes Early?