Weekday Walks | Holland Park

London's Holland Park is a favourite place to soak up colourful houses, pretty mews, and gorgeous gardens. 🙂 Holland Park itself is popular with locals and visitors alike. You can meander along woodland paths, visit the Kyoto Garden and admire the huge tulips in the Dutch Garden. Along Melbury Road, Abbotsbury Road and Ilchester Place … Continue reading Weekday Walks | Holland Park

Me on Monday

Non-essential shops reopen today :)All three of us have appointments for haircutsThe Boy and I are planning another Weekday Walk in townThe Boy and I are planning a visit to his favourite bookstoreThe garden update is proceeding as plannedWe've made arrangements to see my SiL and our friends again - twice in two weeks!We visited … Continue reading Me on Monday

Weekday Walks | Elizabeth Street, Belgravia

Found just around the corner from Victoria Coach Station, Elizabeth Street might just be the loveliest street in London. With many of its buildings dating back to the 1860s, the street is full of listed architecture. It shows off the elegance Belgravia is known for and provides a great backdrop for the shops and restaurants … Continue reading Weekday Walks | Elizabeth Street, Belgravia

Slow Summer #4 | Freddie’s House

Keeping our Summer Check List in mind and the idea of a slow summer, The Boy Child and I spent a hour or so tracking down Freddie Mercury's former home in Logan Place, Kensington ... because, why not? Garden Lodge, 1 Logan Place, Kensington After Freddie's death, the mansion (for that is what is behind the high walls) … Continue reading Slow Summer #4 | Freddie’s House

Slow Summer #3 | The Skinny House

Keeping our Summer Check List in mind and the idea of a slow summer, some outings have involved simply going to look at one of London's quirkiest buildings. Standing in a quiet square sandwiched between South Kensington tube station and the Victoria & Albert Museum is a rather unusual block of flats. Number 5 Thurloe … Continue reading Slow Summer #3 | The Skinny House

Tour of the Palace of Westminster

The Palace of Westminster is one of the most recognisable buildings in the world (even when parts of it are hidden under seems like acres of scaffolding). With Big Ben's Elizabeth Tower at one end and the Victoria Tower at the other, its striking façade stretches for 287 metres alongside the River Thames. The palace … Continue reading Tour of the Palace of Westminster