The History Project | The Restart

Having told you recently that I planned to complete The History Project during the upcoming 100 Day Project, I've actually gone ahead and begun working on it again. Waiting for laundry presents a perfect opportunity It's been a lot of fun to spend time thinking about the first twenty years of my life. I've been … Continue reading The History Project | The Restart

The History Project | Revisited

I signed up for Kerri Bradford's online class, The History Project, in January 2015, full of enthusiasm, but somehow it became one of those online courses that I didn't complete. I came across my uncompleted work in a drawer recently when looking for Lego instructions (as you do). As I flicked through the worksheets, I … Continue reading The History Project | Revisited

Me on Monday | Photo Heavy

It's been a:MoT and car insurance sorting, filling up the freezer, newspaper reading and tea drinking, ironing, menu planning, buying the groceries forgotten the first time around, working on The History Project, and drinking tea in the park en route to pick-up kind of Monday.This post is adapted from Sian's Me on Monday theme, which you can find on the fabulous From High in the Sky blog.

Scrapbook Saturday

Having packed the boys off to the football and boxed off a few chores, I spent the remainder of the afternoon in my office.It was bliss.I had iTunes playing through my PC.The pooch was curled up in his basket.I started a double page spread about Cachirulo. He still doesn't have a name. I wrote about memories of games and … Continue reading Scrapbook Saturday