Me on Tuesday

It was a week where the sun came out again and temperatures rose. 🙂

  • I ventured on to the Tube for the first time in a few weeks
  • I had a routine appointment for a blood test
  • Tilly and I met two friends in the garden of our favourite local café
  • I booked tickets for the photography exhibition
  • The Boy missed 1.5 days of school because of a cold and slight temperature (cue more lateral flow tests)
  • I celebrated my birthday with Prosecco and cake in my SiL’s garden
  • We met up with extended family at Hughenden – we hadn’t seen them since Christmas 2019 and it was a great day
  • The Brainy One made his third trip of the month to the recycling centre
  • We have begun the process of putting the home office back together, but there is still a ton of paperwork to sort through
  • I finally wore a pair of shorts

6 thoughts on “Me on Tuesday

  1. Oh, sorry to have missed your birthday! Wishing you a wonderful year to come. Prosecco, cake and family and friends sounds just to way to go :). Hoping your young man is feeling better.

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  2. It sounds like a near perfect week. Hope TB is feeling better now. Cheers to more reasons for cake & prosecco, especially shared with friends & family.

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