A Return to Hughenden Manor | 1940s Weekend

Hughenden Manor is one of our favourite localish National Trust properties and having stumbled across their 1940s weekend last year, I was pleased to see that it was being run again in September.

This year, with a little forward planning, I wore vintage-style clothing … the trousers need at least one pocket. (I bought my outfit here.)

Like last year, I plucked up my courage and asked strangers if I could photograph them – a young lady who looked like she might be on her way to meet her pilot boyfriend, Captain Mainwaring reading the {original} newspaper from 31 January 1944, two lads from the Paras, a lady keeping the home fires burning and a singing trio.

The Polka Dots

We all had such a great day that I’m sure this annual revival weekend will become a permanent fixture for us. Perhaps I’ll be able to persuade The Brainy One and The Boy Child to dress up next year …

12 thoughts on “A Return to Hughenden Manor | 1940s Weekend

  1. You look amazing Ruth – how lovely to enter into the spirit of the day and join in with your outfit choice! I’m not sure how easy it will be to convince a teenage TBC to dress up next year though unless he could maybe be a fighter pilot!
    Love that photo of the ladies in red.

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