Me on Monday | 21 November

It was a wet and windy week, and my wellies still leak ... guess what has gone onto my Christmas list ... Late afternoon mist The Boy missed a day of school with a high temperature and an upset tummy; he had a negative lateral flow test I wrapped a few Christmas presents Our energy … Continue reading Me on Monday | 21 November

Me on Monday | 7 November

It was a quiet week, with much colder temperatures and a plentiful supply of rain. Friday | 16.45 hours The Boy and I attended another Sixth Form Open Evening We sent out the invitations to our annual Christmas Drinks Party A friend joined me to walk Tilly The Friend and I then booked for a … Continue reading Me on Monday | 7 November

Me on Monday | 20 June

It was a week of incredibly hot days and a negative test. I had a few days of terrible backache - "How's old Bert's lumbago?"I planted out four lavender bushesI binged watched The Lincoln Lawyer and began series 2 of Sweet Magnolias, both on NetflixI finally brought the garden umbrella out of storage I sat … Continue reading Me on Monday | 20 June

Me on Monday | 13 June

It was a week of Covid-19 isolation. The Brainy One and The Boy were self-isolatingThe Brainy One's jury service was deferred until later this yearThe Boy tested negative of day 5, The Brainy One was still positiveThe Boy returned to school after 2 consecutive negative tests. He was sent home again before lunch, as he … Continue reading Me on Monday | 13 June

Me on Monday | 9 May

It was a week of sunny and warmish days. It was also a reasonably quiet week. Monday was a Bank Holiday and the males in the family went off to the golf courseTilly needed a visit to the vet, as she had picked up kennel cough There's a decision still to be made about paint … Continue reading Me on Monday | 9 May

Me on Monday | 25 April

It was a week of back-to-school, sunny days and easing back into a routine. I donated my 36th pint of bloodI began planning my Jersey JournalI launched an Instagram account for the original Happy Mail - @maggieandkaypenpalsI went to the salon to have my eyebrows doneWe went for brunch down by the River ThamesThe Boy … Continue reading Me on Monday | 25 April

Me on Monday | 28 March

A week of admin, planning the Easter holidays and worrying about the current state of the world. I renegotiated successfully a new contract for our mobile phones, gaining an almost 50% reduction in the monthly bill Filming for Silent Witness took place at our neighbour's house and caused havoc for the whole roadThe development that … Continue reading Me on Monday | 28 March

Right Now …

Enjoying daily temperatures of around 20C here in West London, but colder weather is forecast for next weekDitching my winter boots and jeans for cropped trousers and fashion trainersWatching our flowering bulbs come to life - we have daffodils, crocus, fritillaries, pansies and tulipsWorrying about the number of attempted car thefts in our neighbourhoodPlanning our … Continue reading Right Now …