Me on Monday | 27 February

It was a week full of snuffles, coughs and blocked ears. The Brainy One lectured at the University of Cambridge for two days I had coffee with another autism mum The jewellers notified me that my engagement ring is apparently unrepairable I took The Boy to the doctor The Boy went to Work Experience I … Continue reading Me on Monday | 27 February

Me on Monday | 12 December

It was a week where there was sunshine, cold days and mixed emotions. Restaurant in Covent Garden The Boy had his flu jab at school I tackled weeding the front flower bed I wrapped more Christmas gifts I bought the last few Christmas gifts I nipped into town on the Elizabeth Line I finished the … Continue reading Me on Monday | 12 December

Me on Monday | 21 November

It was a wet and windy week, and my wellies still leak ... guess what has gone onto my Christmas list ... Late afternoon mist The Boy missed a day of school with a high temperature and an upset tummy; he had a negative lateral flow test I wrapped a few Christmas presents Our energy … Continue reading Me on Monday | 21 November

Me on Monday | 7 November

It was a quiet week, with much colder temperatures and a plentiful supply of rain. Friday | 16.45 hours The Boy and I attended another Sixth Form Open Evening We sent out the invitations to our annual Christmas Drinks Party A friend joined me to walk Tilly The Friend and I then booked for a … Continue reading Me on Monday | 7 November

Me on Monday | 20 June

It was a week of incredibly hot days and a negative test. I had a few days of terrible backache - "How's old Bert's lumbago?"I planted out four lavender bushesI binged watched The Lincoln Lawyer and began series 2 of Sweet Magnolias, both on NetflixI finally brought the garden umbrella out of storage I sat … Continue reading Me on Monday | 20 June

Me on Monday | 13 June

It was a week of Covid-19 isolation. The Brainy One and The Boy were self-isolatingThe Brainy One's jury service was deferred until later this yearThe Boy tested negative of day 5, The Brainy One was still positiveThe Boy returned to school after 2 consecutive negative tests. He was sent home again before lunch, as he … Continue reading Me on Monday | 13 June

Me on Monday | 9 May

It was a week of sunny and warmish days. It was also a reasonably quiet week. Monday was a Bank Holiday and the males in the family went off to the golf courseTilly needed a visit to the vet, as she had picked up kennel cough There's a decision still to be made about paint … Continue reading Me on Monday | 9 May

Me on Monday | 25 April

It was a week of back-to-school, sunny days and easing back into a routine. I donated my 36th pint of bloodI began planning my Jersey JournalI launched an Instagram account for the original Happy Mail - @maggieandkaypenpalsI went to the salon to have my eyebrows doneWe went for brunch down by the River ThamesThe Boy … Continue reading Me on Monday | 25 April

Me on Monday | 28 March

A week of admin, planning the Easter holidays and worrying about the current state of the world. I renegotiated successfully a new contract for our mobile phones, gaining an almost 50% reduction in the monthly bill Filming for Silent Witness took place at our neighbour's house and caused havoc for the whole roadThe development that … Continue reading Me on Monday | 28 March