Project Life Revisited | Weeks 41 and 42

Week 41: I collected my new retainer from the orthodontist. Autumn has arrived in our favourite local park. We met up with my SiL to walk our dogs together. We celebrated the twins' birthday over Zoom. Week 42: I popped into the salon to get my eyebrows done. 🙂 Not shown are the haircuts three … Continue reading Project Life Revisited | Weeks 41 and 42

Covid-19 | The Journal, Part 6

The album is rapidly filling up ... The Boy Child's dental check-up has been included because even though things are different to how they were, it all felt so, well, normal. The afternoon in town makes an appearance ... As does our road trip to South Lakeland ... The final two entries are the Rule … Continue reading Covid-19 | The Journal, Part 6

Month in Numbers | August 2020

Was August amazing? Let's see what the numbers have to say: Another 31 days with lockdown measures in place, bringing the UK total to 163 days. 8 get-togethers with family members. 🙂 7 pieces of Happy Mail sent ... and 1 piece of Unhappy Mail. My highest daily step count in quite a while - … Continue reading Month in Numbers | August 2020

Life in Lockdown | Northern Roadtrip – Gummer’s Howe

Gummer's Howe in the Lake District offers the shortest hike with the best views. The climb up is just half a mile, but a half a mile that requires stamina and good footwear. Lake Windermere and Gummer's Howe If you're lucky and climb on a sunny and clear August morning, the views are breathtaking. On … Continue reading Life in Lockdown | Northern Roadtrip – Gummer’s Howe

Life in Lockdown | Northern Roadtrip – Ulverston

I have been visiting the South Lakeland market town of Ulverston for about 45 years. I spent part of every Summer holiday here in the late '70s and early '80s. As an adult, I've been here for weddings, several significant birthdays and funerals. I brought The Brainy One here a few months before we got … Continue reading Life in Lockdown | Northern Roadtrip – Ulverston

Life in Lockdown | Northern Roadtrip

After a lot of thought and planning, we recently embarked on a Northern road trip to South Lakeland for a long weekend. Our plan was to spend as much time as possible outside and to catch up with my friend-who-is-like-my-brother. Going nowhere The traffic certainly appeared to be back to pre-lockdown levels - we spent … Continue reading Life in Lockdown | Northern Roadtrip

Life in Lockdown | Summer Plans

At this point of the year I usually have a day-to-day plan written out of how the Summer holidays might play out ... not this year. Obviously. The Boy Child's basic plan for Summer 2017 But The Boy Child still prefers to know how a day or days might be filled and winging it every … Continue reading Life in Lockdown | Summer Plans

A Socially-Distanced Visit to Chartwell

Chartwell, the former home of Sir Winston Churchill, has been on our list of National Trust properties to visit for quite a while. The current system of pre-booking and limited numbers meant that now was as good as any other time to visit. The Churchill family found the upkeep of such a large estate very … Continue reading A Socially-Distanced Visit to Chartwell